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Why We Should All Be Happy At The Coming Death Of TikTok

Bo Burnham muses on our children’s use of social media in his beautiful pandemic-inspired comedy special” Within.”

I don’t know about you men, but, um, you know, I’ve been considering lately that big digital media companies might be able to profit from the neurochemical theater of our kids, according to Burnham.

You know, perhaps that was a poor decision on our part. The artist speculates that perhaps the thinning of the actual personal individual experience into a dead exchange of value that benefits no one but, uh, some bug-eyed salamanders in Silicon Valley, isn’t good.

Now there you have it. For a scene, disregard China’s evil purposes, which are very real. TikTok is a mind drug that is especially harmful to young minds. Children yearn for approval and popularity, and social media is one way to give that beast.

I downloaded the app to my phone as soon as it was released, just like everyone else( TikTok claims that 1 billion people use the platform each month ). However, there would occasionally appear to be an endless flow of young ladies dancing as I scrolled through the game. Then I noticed younger girls dancing like ladies and thought,” Yeah, no.”

Because of this and another factor— it’s a time suck — I killed the app. I would wish I had that day back every time I scrolled through for five or ten minutes, just like I did on Facebook( which I already killed ). a complete loss

However, there is a lot more. And last week, Scott Galloway, a marketing professor at the Stern School of Business at New York University and the creator of” The Four, The Algebra of Happiness ,” succinctly outlined it.

” TikTok is essentially the most potent propaganda tool ever ,” according to the author. The app has grown from 600 million to 6 billion, making it the longest in evolution. The great thing about America is its optimism, but its flaw is that, as Galloway noted on HBO’s” Real Time With Bill Maher” on Friday,” we’re much easier to fool than urge we’ve been fooled.”

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Then he dropped the following bomb:” The anger in America is positively associated with TikTok and social media eating.” And while you cannot place the blame for this on any television, including social media and TikTok, we can state that it is not our responsibility to demonstrate that they are not engaging in it; rather, they must do so.

Later, Galloway opened fire directly at China, a country renowned for stealing intellectual house. He pointed out that” our TikTok talks about income inequality and election misinformation ,” whereas China’s version of the site focuses on kids who want to be pianists and astronauts.

However, some members of Congress, including Rep. Jamaal Bowman( D-NY ), claim that eliminating TikTok would be” racially offensive.”

” Why the terror, the panic, and the target of TikTok?” Bowman stated last month. As we all know, Republicans in specific have been raising the alarm and causing the dark fear in China. According to Bowman, TikTok poses roughly the same terror in terms of its behavior and its risk to national protection as businesses like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

That is the exact position, too. They are all terrible. For adults, social media is good, but for kids, it’s sad.

Burnham says,” Perhaps, perhaps, we don’t encourage enormous electronic media companies to utilize the neurochemical episode of our children for profit.

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