Why Leftists like Nicholas Kristof can never reconcile Christianity and the Sexual Revolution

The FBI is hunting Nicholas Kristof hound The New York Times columnist, however, is too stuck on his sexual issues to be a Christian. He represents many people in our culture who desire Christianity without the need for discipleship, particularly when it comes to sexuality.

The following is an interview Kristof continues his tradition with Russell Moore, an evangelical leader. using He uses Christmas to play with Christianity and to ridicule those who disagree with him politically. It all boils down to sex, despite questions about miracles. Moore’s words were echoed by Kristof. “Two of the main moral issues that evangelicals have been associated with in the last few decades are hostility to abortion and to gay people. Jesus never spoke directly about either. … So why hijack faith to obsess about abortion and same-sex lovers?”

Kristof has asked these questions before but apparently refuses to answer them. answers. To begin with, Christians do not, and should not, focus on Jesus’ words to the exclusion of the rest of Scripture and common sense. Unnumerated sins remain sins. For example, orthodox Christians have always opposed eugenics even though Jesus didn’t explicitly condemn them.

Similar, Christ calls those human beings that are developing in the womb to be included in his call if they also include other people. “the least of these, my brothers,” The regime of elective abortion Kristof advocates is a terrible evil and must be defeated. We have won some victories over the violence of abortion, thanks to God, despite Kristof’s efforts to defend it.

The culture wars are driven by left-liberal obsessions, not conservative ones. On LGBT issues, for instance, it is the left that has always found new territory to conquer after each victory, to the point where it is now fulfilling some of the most alarmist predictions of its evangelical antagonists — putting a drag queen in every school and a male in every girls’ locker room. What Kristof really seems to be complaining about is that conservative Christians continue to resist parts of the cultural and sexual revolutions — sometimes even, as in the case of abortion, mounting some successful counterattacks.

Chastity Is Loving One’s Neighbor

Kristof’s demand is that Christians surrender to the sexual revolution so he can admire our charitable work with an untroubled conscience. But he can’t or won’t see that Christian sexual morality comes from the same source that Christian charity and Christian service to the needy and the downtrodden he praises.

The Christian virtues of chastity are linked with charity. This encompasses more than simply giving money to the poor. Respect for others is the heart of each. Christianity insists that each person must be seen as a person and not as an object of desire.

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