Why Is Pete Buttigieg Allowed To Keep Failing Upward?

The average person can’t describe the daily responsibilities of the secretary of transportation or even name the figure who holds that position — until our transportation infrastructure fails, that is. As far as cushy political appointments go, it’s on the thankless end of the spectrum.

That was at least the case prior to Pete Buttigieg’s elevation to the position in 2021. Now the secretary of transportation is both a political celebrity and someone immune to meaningful criticism over our country’s transportation failures — and there have been many.  

Although the left is not afraid to make a statement, it rarely misses an opportunity. “the adults are back in charge,” Buttigieg’s failures suggest otherwise. One of his highlights at the Department of Transportation is a supply-chain crisis Punctuated Fly system for personal leave DisruPtions It stranded millions and temporarily grounded all U.S. flight. rail strikesA series of horrendous trains derailments. People on Main Street get fired for far less.

As mayor of a, he was rescued from the obscurity. Having trouble Rust Belt, Buttigieg made it to the top of the Democratic presidential candidate list in 2020. He won the Iowa caucuses. Biden awarded the cabinet post to Buttigieg, who views him as a future party star. It defies logic.

Leftist dogma is able to fill in the gaps when logic fails. Buttigieg continues to monitor the situation. “first gay ___” Box as high as he can climb the ladder. It is a powerful tool in his arsenal, as the Democratic Party currently selects and rejects candidates based on such identity trivialities. His meteoric rise in politics must be viewed from the perspective of identity factors. Next time someone confesses to being a 2020 Buttigieg fan, ask them sharp questions. It is an instructional exercise in today’s political environment.

As critical a role as identity plays in the Buttigieg story, it can’t explain everything. A lot of people check valuable identity boxes, but they don’t win golden tickets to the heights of American political power. Biden isn’t the only powerful figure to whom Buttigieg has endeared himself. David Axelrod He is his advocate. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Hailed him as “the future of the Democratic Party.”

Even Silicon Valley has recognized the genius of the secretary. Donor circles. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg Officially “discovered” During his 2017 cross country tour. Both attended Harvard simultaneously. Buttigieg was friends with two of Zuckerberg’s roommates and counted among the first 300 Facebook users. This is a great feat for a mayor in a small town.

Unfortunately, this demands more than eye-rolling, as Buttigieg’s powerful allies would rather see his coronation sooner rather than later. Washington isn’t a town of accidental events or subtlety. Recent events have shown this to be true. Reports of Vice President Kamala Harris’s uncertain political future leave little doubt that some kind of seismic activity is occurring within the administration. Harris cannot be replaced because the Democratic Party is bound to its identity dogma. “first.”  

Buttigieg was a Vice President, and he had only an unremarkable tenure

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