‘Who’s Inside The Bunny Suit?’: The Big Reveal Explains Why The Easter Bunny Wouldn’t Let Biden Go Off-Script


Spidey-senses everywhere were tingling when President Joe Biden, greeting the crowd at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, was quickly spirited away by none other than the Easter Bunny the minute serious foreign policy questions arose.

At first glance, Biden appeared to simply wander over to greet some spectators — only to be approached by the Easter Bunny and guided back away from the gathered crowd.

But a closer look — from a different angle — revealed that Biden was talking foreign policy when the giant costumed rabbit intervened.

And that was when people began asking in earnest: who was in the bunny suit?

“Gotta know who was in the bunny suit,” Abigail Marone, press secretary for Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) tweeted.

“Who’s inside the bunny suit?” the Washington Examiner’s Byron York asked.

And others quickly followed suit, with some offering their own theories — from press secretary Jen Psaki to Vice President Kamala Harris — as to who it might be:

  • We need to know who was in that Easter Bunny suit.”
  • “Surprised Ron Klain fit into the bunny suit, good for him.”
  • Plot twist: Trump is in the bunny suit.”
  • Is Kamala in the bunny suit? Seriously though this is genuinely disturbing.”
  • Odds that it’s Susan Rice in the bunny suit?”
  • How much do you want to bet Jill Biden is in the bunny suit?”
  • Is Psaki in the bunny suit?”
  • Was that Obama in the bunny suit guiding Biden today?”
  • I think I speak for most Americans when I ask @PressSec … Why is the Easter Bunny directing the President?”

Christian Datoc, White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner, tweeted, “When will the Biden administration quit dodging questions and tell us who’s gonna be in the bunny suit today at the White House Easter egg roll? The American people deserve the truth!!!”

Don’t rt this if it’s you @WHCOS,” Datoc added.

White House press assistant Angela Perez gave a little peek behind the scenes, sharing a photo with the caption, “Hopping on a Zoom call.”

“So we now know the Easter Bunny was someone inside the comms shop,” Red State’s Bonchie tweeted. “The White House literally put one of Biden’s handlers in an Easter Bunny suit to keep him from talking to reporters. Just incredible stuff.”

A second “reveal” came from White House Director of Message Planning Meghan Hays.

“It looks like Meghan Hays, the WH director of ‘message planning,’ was the bunny who interrupted POTUS’ comments on Afghanistan,” Marone responded. “Clearly Biden’s message was not planned.”

“The Easter Bunny who censored Biden’s attempt to answer a reporter’s question today seems to be Meghan Hays, who has gotten much of the blame from reporters for poor WH press access,” added the New York Post’s D.C. reporter Steven Nelson.

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