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Whoopi Goldberg accuses Republicans of aiming to reinstate slavery

Whoopi ⁤Goldberg accused Republicans of ⁤attempting‌ to reintroduce slavery, suggesting⁢ activist judges are ⁤vital to prevent this regression. She made‍ these claims‌ on ABC’s “The View,” criticizing the Arizona​ Supreme Court’s decision to⁤ uphold an 1864 anti-abortion law. Goldberg emphasized ⁣the importance of fighting‍ for progress and not allowing regressive‍ changes. ​Your revised text is ⁣concise and ⁢captures the key points of Whoopi Goldberg’s ‍accusations and views on the matter. It effectively summarizes her‌ stance on Republicans, the role of activist judges, and her comments‍ regarding the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision. ⁢Great job!

Whoopi Goldberg claimed on Wednesday that Republicans were doing their best to “bring slavery back,” suggesting that the only safeguard to prevent such a move would be an activist court.

Goldberg made the comments during Wednesday’s broadcast of the ABC midday talk show “The View,” where she complained that the Arizona Supreme Court was fighting to move things backward when it upheld an 1864 law — which predated Arizona’s statehood — banning most abortions.


“Take a look at the things that they’re rolling back,” Goldberg began. “Remember I said ages ago, you know, in their minds, they want to bring slavery back. They’re okay with it. Because, you see, things change. You know, one of the good things about the Supreme Court is you can fight to make sure you make stuff better. You don’t generally fight to make stuff worse.”

“And to me, if you’re okay rolling that back, when things were not even a state, when we had no say … so, how’s that gonna roll?” she continued, arguing that birth control was going to be the next thing that was outlawed.

Cohost Sunny Hostin weighed in next, blaming Justice Samuel Alito for writing the majority opinion that ultimately overturned the 1973 abortion case Roe v. Wade, claiming that because he cited laws that had been on the books since 1868, his decision must be suspect.

“He wrote a roadmap for the states so that they could look in their books and go back to the 1860s, even before Arizona was founded — in 1912 — and gave them the game book,” Hostin said.

Joy Behar then asserted that Alito — who was nominated by former President George W. Bush in 2005 — was appointed by former President Donald Trump, and Hostin agreed: “Yes, he was.”


Behar was forced to correct herself a short time later, saying, “Let me make a correction. It was George W. Bush who appointed Alito, not Trump. Trump just got the others in, which helped Alito.”


“Yes, he did,” Hostin agreed again.

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