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Whoopi Lectures Clarence Thomas On Diversity, Suggests He Was An Affirmative Action Case

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg lectured Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on the meaning of “diversity” during Wednesday’s broadcast, suggesting that Thomas himself might have benefitted from Affirmative Action.

Goldberg and her co-hosts spent a portion of the show discussing the Affirmative Action case that the Supreme Court heard this week, questioning the “race-conscious” admissions processes that elite colleges and universities have adopted. But what Goldberg focused her attention on was the fact that Thomas had questioned the definition and value of “diversity.”


The View defends “race conscience” (aka racist) affirmative action policies for university admissions.
Ignorant Whoopi lectures Justice Thomas on the definition of “diversity.”
She claims affirmative action is for white women.
She ignores how Asians are not being admitted.

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) November 2, 2022

“I’ve heard the word diversity quite a few times, and I don’t have a clue what it means,” Thomas said during oral arguments. “It seems to mean everything for everyone.”

Goldberg disagreed, launching into a tirade aimed at the Supreme Court justice and suggesting that he might not have made it to the highest court in the land without a little “help.”

“Actually, no, that’s not what it means, sir,” Goldberg said, adjusting her glasses, and sighing dramatically. “You know, being inclusive means that when you look around that court, you’re seeing women who may not have had the ability to go to law school had Affirmative Action not been there to make sure that women were allowed in the school.”

“You are sitting on a court where – and I know that you don’t like to admit this — but you might have gotten some help, because you would not have been allowed in the college of your choice had it not been for Affirmative Action,” she continued.

“It is not saying this is all you have to do,” she added. “It is saying you have to include this as what you do, and you also ought to mention that the people who have benefitted most from Affirmative Action have been women who are white. Because white women could not get into some of these schools, they were not allowed to move forward.”

Goldberg went on to complain that Affirmative Action was put into place to make room for those who were previously not allowed to attend specific institutions where they believed they might excel. She made no effort to address the actual case, which alleges that “race-conscious” admission policies effectively discriminate against Asian Americans.

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