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White House condemns Trump’s offensive comparison between mug shot and black America’s painful history

The White House Slams Trump for Comparing Legal Woes⁢ to Black Americans

The White House strongly condemned former President Donald Trump on Tuesday for equating his legal troubles with the struggles faced by black Americans.

In a⁤ recent statement, Trump suggested that his numerous indictments, including his mug shot, have garnered support from the black​ community.

“I believe that’s why black people ‌are rallying behind me. They see that what’s happening to me ​is what happens to them. Does that​ make sense?” Trump asserted during a speech ​in South Carolina ahead of the 2024 Republican presidential primary. “The mug shot. We’ve all seen the⁤ mug shot, and you know who ⁣embraced ⁢it more than anyone else? The black population. It’s incredible.”

During Tuesday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Karine ⁢Jean-Pierre addressed ⁢this issue ​and revealed that she had discussed it with President Joe Biden.

“It’s repugnant and divisive to ⁣perpetuate racist stereotypes. That’s exactly what we’re ​witnessing,” Jean-Pierre responded. “These remarks come from a former ​president of ‌the United States, ⁤and regardless of the context, it is disrespectful to compare ⁤the extensive history of abuse ⁢and discrimination endured by black Americans ‍to something entirely unrelated.”

Biden currently trails Trump‍ in several 2024 general election polls, and​ he concluded 2023 with concerns about his support among key⁢ demographics, including black voters.

Watch the full briefing from Tuesday below:

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