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White House admits UFOs affecting pilots.

The White ⁤House has acknowledged that UFOs flying around‍ training ⁣ranges have‌ had a significant impact ‌on pilots,‌ sparking a strong ⁤desire to ⁣uncover the ⁢truth.

John ‌Kirby, the‍ coordinator ⁣for Strategic Communications at⁢ the National Security Council, addressed ‌this issue on ​Monday when⁢ asked⁢ about transparency ‌regarding ​unidentified anomalous phenomena​ (UAP).

“Some⁤ of​ these ⁤phenomena,⁤ we know, ‌have‌ already had an​ impact‍ on our training ranges. ‌When pilots ⁣are​ out there‍ trying to perfect ⁢their​ skills and⁢ they encounter​ these unidentified objects, it​ can⁤ greatly‍ affect their ⁣abilities,”‌ Kirby stated.

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