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White Home Appraiser Countersues Professors Who Accused Him of Racism

Professors should know their faculties. ‘experiment’ Was faulty

Two black Johns Hopkins University professors accused a white home appraiser of racism. He counter-protested the accusations with a countersuit.

Shane Lanham’s Recent Counterclaim Answered to a federal lawsuit Nathan Connolly (JHU professor) and Shani Motti (JHU student) said that Nathan valued their home differently as they were black. They set up an experiment to remove any identifiers that might suggest that they were black to increase their home’s value from approximately $470,000 to $750,000. They also asked a friend of white to be the homeowner.

Mott teaches Africana studies and Connolly’s research focuses on racism, capitalism and housing, according to his faculty bio. The New York Times called Connolly “expert on redlining and the legacy of white supremacy in American cities.”

Lanham counterclaimed that the claims of the two would not be considered scholarship if treated as such. The racism claims were covered nationally by the following: ABC News. The resulting allegations have harmed Lanham’s business and reputation, according to the lawsuit.

“Dr. Connolly and Dr. Mott’s ill-conceived ‘experiment’ involving different appraisers, a seven-month gap, and intervening changes in market conditions would not withstand even basic scrutiny in the serious academic environment in which they work,” Lanham’s counterclaim stated.

The suit noted that the professors were not liable. “failed to disclose the sale of the similar house next door to their home that sold only a month after Mr. Lanham and 20/20 Valuations’ appraisal for $7,000 less than the amount of the appraisal.”

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Both professors ought to have known each other’s names. “experiment,” According to the lawsuit “was serious flawed in so many respects that a first-year undergraduate would immediately recognize.”

The legal filing stated that Lanham had not been provided with the second appraisal. “supposedly supports their contention that their house was undervalued during.”

But even if the second appraiser valued the Mott and Connolly home at $750,000 for a refinance, a nearby and similar house showed that Lanham’s valuation was reasonable, according to the lawsuit.

A similar house was sold nearby for $510,000.

They were accused of creating a lawsuit. “a self-serving media campaign” And “falsely accused Mr. Lanham and 20/20 Valuations of undervaluing their home based on their race.”

The public statements “exposed Mr. Lanham and 20/20 Valuations to public scorn, hatred, contempt, or ridicule, thereby discouraging others in the community from having a good opinion of [him and his company].”

Lanham’s suit requested $250,000 in damages.

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IMAGE: ABC News/YouTube

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