Whistleblower: Yes, Election Data Company Gave U.S. Poll Workers’ Personal Info To China

A recently filed whistleblower lawsuit against the election data firm Konnech Inc. and its founder Eugene Yu includes detailed allegations from a former employee that corroborate True the Vote’s claim that Konnech transferred American poll workers’ data to China. The whistleblower’s allegations raise more questions about the FBI’s involvement in the investigation of Konnech and the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office’s decision to drop its criminal case against Yu.

In a sworn civil complaint filed late last month in a Michigan state court, a former employee of Konnech, Grant Bradley, provided an insider’s tale of the operations of the election data firm. The verified complaint states that Konnech offers “election logistic software” To 32 North American clients, using “developers, designers and coders” Who “are all Chinese nationals based out of Wuhan, China.” 

Bradley asserts that Bradley “worked with the Chinese programmers on a daily basis,” He also said that “witnessed customer’s data (specifically poll watcher information) being made accessible to foreign nationals from China.” Bradley claims that his supervisors told him that foreign nationals could have access to the data when he raised concerns. “everyone [other software companies like Microsoft and Apple] was doing it.”

Bradley claimed that he was alive and well until September 2022. “did not know the full extent of the information provided to the Chinese nationals.” In September of 2022, however, Konnech sued True the Vote for publicly accusing the Michigan-based company of storing poll workers’ data on servers in China. 

22-12-22 Verified Complaint (1) By The Federalist Scribd

Konnech’s lawsuit against True the Vote followed a series of podcasts the organization’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, and a former board member who works closely with her, Gregg Phillips, participated in starting in August of 2022. During those podcasts, the duo claimed they had been assisting the FBI to expose Konnech’s purported use of a server in China to store election workers’ personal identifying information. They stated that they were working with people in one podcast. “to bring this work to, to a grand jury for the first time,” And that they have the “support of, of a major prosecutorial office in the United States … and [that] they are moving this along.”

Bradley claimed in his complaint, after True the Vote made allegations against Konnech. “began to investigate the extent of the information provided to the Chinese programmers by Defendants Yu and Konnech.” Bradley stated that he was then “immediately set out to find alternative work,” However, he was unable to find work after Konnech’s raid on October 4, 2022.

Following Yu’s arrest, Bradley alleged that he “was told by his supervisors not to speak with the police or cooperate in their investigation of Defendants Yu and Konnech’s activities,” Bradley, however, stated that he “ignored the directive of his supervisors.” Instead, Bradley claims, he “asked to meet with the police on the day of the raid so that he could provide them with handwritten notes and other electronic evidence he believes further substantiates Defendants’ illegal activities.”

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