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What’s the deal with Ruby Franke

I’m Captivated by the Ruby Franke Case

When news‌ of the ⁤Ruby Franke‍ case⁤ first ⁤broke, I hesitated to ⁣join the discussion.⁤ The⁢ story was incredibly dark, and I wasn’t convinced⁣ that adding more commentary would be beneficial. However, her recent​ court‌ appearance changed everything.

The Frankes,⁢ a Utah-based family, gained popularity through their YouTube channel “8 Passengers,” which had ​over two million subscribers. They seemed like the perfect family, but ‍in ‍June ‌2020, subscribers started noticing some disturbing things. Ruby Franke’s ⁣punishing techniques, her children’s pranks, and one ⁢child sleeping in a beanbag raised concerns.

Worried viewers reached out to Child Protection ​Services and⁤ even‍ started a petition, claiming that forcing a child to sleep in a beanbag was ⁤too harsh.‍ However, Franke dismissed the criticism, stating that her child loved⁢ it. In​ 2021,⁢ she and her husband sought counseling from Jodie Hildebrant,⁣ a ⁤business partner who ⁣became a mentor to Franke and her children.

In August of 2022,⁣ Franke faced more criticism when she refused to give her six-year-old daughter lunch after ⁣she forgot ​it. This punishment was clearly excessive for a young child. Police had visited the home ​before, but it wasn’t until August of last year that everything unraveled. Franke and Hildebrant were arrested after Franke’s 12-year-old son escaped, revealing‌ the horrifying abuse he ‍and his sister had endured.

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Hildebrant, who was supposed to⁢ be ⁣a counselor ‍to the children, had allegedly put ⁣cayenne pepper and honey on their wounds. ​When authorities arrived, they discovered another ⁢child in a ‌similar condition. As more details emerged, it became ‌clear that the mother had convinced her children they were possessed, subjecting​ them to this abuse as a means of “cleansing” them.

This entire situation is⁤ absolutely infuriating. It involves innocent children and ⁣a parent with a warped mind.

This week, Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrant were sentenced ⁢to 30⁣ years‌ in prison. What makes this case fascinating is that Franke ‍isn’t ⁣fighting the charges.⁤ Typically, defendants try to reduce their‌ sentences, but⁣ Franke’s acceptance of her punishment is uncommon. In a surprising statement made in court, she acknowledged ⁢her​ guilt and expressed her⁤ belief that she deserves to go to prison.

In her⁤ statement, Franke explains how she became delusional, believing that‌ the church and the government were against her. She thought inflicting these punishments on her children would save them. While working ⁤with the disturbed​ Hildebrant, Franke admits that she ⁤chose⁣ to believe what ​she heard. She apologizes to her husband, thanks⁢ the police officers, and pleads to​ God for forgiveness. She ends by expressing her desire to one day stand before God, ⁤redeemed and ready to re-enter society.

What Ruby Franke did is unforgivable, and her children have ​endured a tragedy. In a world where people often avoid accountability, Franke’s response is surprising. She takes responsibility for⁢ her actions, seeks healing,⁣ and acknowledges that she ​deserves⁢ the consequences.

Let’s​ be clear, the true victims‍ in this case are the children, and that can never be forgotten. However, Franke’s response is worth ⁣discussing. It’s a ‌rare conclusion that⁤ we‌ rarely see.


How can child protection systems be improved to ensure⁣ that⁢ no child slips through the cracks and experiences prolonged abuse without intervention

Mentor and counselor, was charged with multiple counts of⁢ child abuse and kidnapping. Franke was charged with child abuse and child endangerment. The children were removed from the home and placed‌ in protective custody. It was a stark‍ revelation that the ‌”perfect” family portrayed ‌on YouTube ​had a dark and twisted side.

The court appearance shed further light on⁢ the ⁣abuse suffered by the children. They endured physical punishment, psychological torment, and confinement.‍ The details of their ordeal were heart-wrenching and made⁣ the public question how such abuse could go‍ unnoticed for so long.

The Ruby Franke case highlights various important issues that need to be addressed. Firstly, it raises concerns about the distorted image that social media​ influencers often ‌present to the public. The Frankes’ YouTube channel showed a happy and harmonious family, while behind closed doors, there was nothing but pain and suffering. This case⁢ serves as a reminder that online personas may not accurately reflect reality and that caution should be exercised in blindly idolizing public figures.

Secondly, the case emphasizes the importance of vigilant viewers who spotted the ‌signs of ⁣abuse and took action. Without the concerned individuals who reached out to Child Protection Services and started a petition, the abuse may have continued unchecked. The case serves as a reminder that everyone has a role‍ to play in protecting the well-being of others, particularly when it comes to the welfare of children.

Furthermore, the ‍case exposes the flaws in child ​protection systems. Despite previous⁤ visits by the police,​ it took a brave escape⁤ by one of the children⁤ to reveal the extent of the abuse. This raises questions about the adequacy of the response and⁣ intervention mechanisms in place to safeguard children. It calls for an evaluation and improvement of the existing systems to ensure that no child slips through the cracks of the system again.

Lastly, the Ruby Franke case brings ‍attention to the importance of raising​ awareness‌ about child abuse and ⁣providing resources to support victims.‍ It serves as‍ a stark reminder ‌that child abuse can happen anywhere, even in seemingly “perfect” families. Education and support systems are crucial‌ in equipping individuals to identify and prevent such heinous acts.

As the Ruby Franke case ⁣continues to unfold, it is imperative that justice is served, ‌and the children involved receive the necessary care and support to heal from their traumatic experiences. The case should serve as a ‌wakeup call for society to be more vigilant, to question the narratives presented by social media, and‌ to take action to protect the vulnerable.

In conclusion, the Ruby Franke ‍case ⁣has captivated⁢ the attention of the public due to the shocking revelation‌ of abuse within what seemed like a perfect family. It sheds light on issues surrounding social media influencers, the importance of vigilant individuals, flaws in child protection systems, and the need for ⁤awareness and support for victims of child abuse. It is our responsibility as a society to learn from this case and work towards a safer and more compassionate future for all children.

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