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What Are Some Jobs I Shouldn’t Skip?

By Paul F. P. Pogue
Ask Angi

You may find some tasks around the house that make you feel more at ease, while others help fix things. The most essential tasks in your home are maintenance. This is the job that fixes small problems or prevents them from getting worse.

While not all of these jobs may be applicable to your home or property, experts at Angi and other home professionals recommend you do these important tasks.

Flush Water Heater tank

  • Each year, once
  • National average: $200

Traditional tank water heaters can accumulate sediment over months. Minerals are found in water naturally, and will eventually settle to the bottom of your tank. The buildup of minerals can cause damage to your tank by interfering in heating and slowing down water flow.

These problems can be avoided by performing a drain-and-flush every year. If you have hard water you may need to drain and flush every six months. You can DIY this project but you should leave it to professionals in the event of an emergency. Water heaters can leak quite a bit when things go wrong!

Gutters with a clean odor

  • An average of one-to four times per calendar year
  • National average: $120-$220

Gutter cleaning should be a key part of your home’s maintenance. A clogged gutter can lead to roof damage and backwater accumulation. Clogged gutters can freeze water and turn it into ice dams, which could cause more damage in winter. When water flows unchecked from your house, it can pool around your foundation.

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