AI’s analysis of liberal versus conservative women may lead liberals to consider Botox.

A Fascinating Study Reveals the Connection Between Attractiveness and Political Affiliations

A recent European study exploring the connection between attractiveness and political affiliations resulted in an intriguing finding: Conservative women tend to be perceived as more attractive than their left-wing counterparts.

According to a report Tuesday in the U.K.’s Daily Mail, researchers from Denmark and Sweden employed a cutting-edge deep-learning artificial intelligence neural network to predict individuals’ political leanings solely based on their headshots.

The study, which delved into the alluring world of politics and aesthetics, found that right-wing women received higher attractiveness scores under a publicly available rating system.

However, this correlation did not extend to men. Curiously, though, the analysis did uncover that left-leaning men displayed more neutral and less-exuberant facial expressions, suggesting they may be less fulfilled and not as happy as their conservative counterparts.

In a finding that won’t surprise many conservatives, the AI algorithm determined that left-wing female political candidates appeared to have perfected the art of “contempt” in their facial expressions.

It seems these liberal ladies have an uncanny ability to effortlessly exude disdain for pretty much anything that doesn’t align with their worldview.

While the research explored attractiveness and facial expressions, its true objective was to determine the accuracy of off-the-shelf AI in deducing political views from meager information, such as a casual selfie posted on social media.

The researchers scrutinized a collection of 3,323 headshots submitted by political candidates participating in 2017 Danish municipal elections, kindly shared by the candidates themselves with the Danish Broadcasting Corp.

The AI neural network exhibited a 61 percent accuracy rate in predicting the political affiliations of both men and women based solely on facial photographs, the report said. Interestingly, the accuracy rate climbed to 65 percent when the dataset excluded any visual elements other than the subjects’ captivating countenances.

To examine the emotional expressions portrayed in each candidate’s photo, the researchers enlisted Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services’ Face API.

The results demonstrated that 80 percent of the faces expressed happiness, while 19 percent had a neutral expression.

The study acknowledged limitations, including potential biases stemming from politicians’ selective photo choices and the AI’s occasional struggle to interpret specific facial expressions accurately.

Privacy Concerns and the Influence of AI

While this study casts light on the intriguing relationship between attractiveness and political leanings, it also sparks discussions about privacy concerns and the ability of AI algorithms to unravel personal attributes from limited data.

The researchers expressed concern about the potential privacy implications tied to these advanced AI methods. Many have echoed their concerns about the influence of AI as it has grown in power over the last few years.

There is also a growing concern that AI seems to have a liberal slant and could be used against conservatives in myriad ways as it becomes more prevalent in everyday life.

These findings raise intriguing questions about the intricate interplay between physical allure and political ideologies, reminding us that in the realm of politics, even facial expressions can be politically charged.

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