West Point Starts to Remove Confederate Monuments From Its Campus; Robert E. Lee Portrait & Bust Cleared Out

West Point has started to remove monuments, and references “commemorate or memorialize the Confederacy,” The academy was announced last week.

According to the U.S. military academy, which is 220-years-old, it began a “multi-phase” Over the holiday break, all 13 monuments and references West Point claims honor the Confederacy were removed, including a portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee (CNN). reported. This was in response to an October Order from the Department of Defense (DOD), mandated by the National Defense Authorization Act.

“During the holiday break, we will begin a multi-phased process, in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) directives, to remove, rename or modify assets and real property at the United States Military Academy (USMA) and West Point installation that commemorate or memorialize the Confederacy or those who voluntarily served with the Confederacy,” Lt. Gen. Steve Gilland wrote A letter to West Point’s community.

Along with Lee’s portrait and bust, West Point is also replacing a quote from the southern general that is displayed at the campus’ Honor Plaza. Gilland wrote that a committee will determine a new quote that will replace Lee’s quote by the spring of 2023.

By the spring of next years, at least three roads and three buildings will be renamed after Confederacy soldiers.

Lee’s portrait that was on display in the library will be moved to storage at the West Point Museum, while Lee’s bust is being moved to other storage, the general explained. A bronze tritych. includes Lee and other Confederate soldiers, along with the words “Ku Klux Klan” Storage will also receive it “until a more suitable location is determined.”

“We will conduct these actions with dignity and respect,” Gilland wrote.

After George Floyd’s death in May 2020, there was a huge outcry about Confederate monuments. Many statues were taken down. The largest Confederate monument in America, a statue by Lee, was removed from display in September 2021. taken down Richmond, Virginia

The city of Richmond was inaugurated earlier this month. dug up Confederate General A.P.’s remains. Hill continues to exterminate Confederate symbols, monuments, and other objects from public spaces.


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