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‘We’re Sick Of It!’: Megyn Kelly Pours On The Fake Tears To Mock Prince Harry

Popular Sirius XM podcast host Megyn Kelly Listed into Prince Harry Meghan Markle and his newly-published memoir. “Spare,” These books were available in bookstores around the world on Tuesday.

Kelly, who has made it clear she doesn’t like royal ex-pats, outlined a number of things she believed. Harry and Meghan had done wrong — and for which they probably owed a few people apologies.

.@MegynKelly Prince Harry is explained by Meghan Markle exactly what he should be apologizing. Watch the FULL clip ➡:

— The Megyn Kelly Show (@MegynKellyShow) January 11, 2023

“Here’s just a couple, off the top of my head, all right?” Kelly took on this responsibility from the beginning.

“Your wife’s a bully,” Kelly claimed, going on to Cite reports People who worked closely with Markle have stated that Markle was an emotional abuser to staff members. A palace aide said that the then-Duchess of Sussex’s behavior was “more like emotional cruelty and manipulation, which I guess could also be called bullying.”

The reports were so pervasive that Buckingham Palace eventually opened an investigation into the allegations — but once the investigation was completed in June of 2022, the results were kept private. Katie Nicholl (royal author) says that the main reason for the allegations was because the Queen. “didn’t want any more drama.”

“One of the other people that she apparently made cry was Princess Kate,” Kelly went on. “She told Oprah that Kate made her cry, but we now know from your own book, Harry, that it was Meghan calling Kate ‘a baby brain, it’s your baby brain’ after she gave birth to her third child. That has a tendency to make people not like you, when you have the nerve to comment on their hormones after they just had a baby when you barely know them.”

Kelly called Markle “a brat,” saying that she had caused a scene when she didn’t get to have the tiara that she wanted, among other issues. She also addressed the fact that Markle had appeared to cut people out of her life — her own family members — after they supported her on her way to the top.

Kelly then directed her attack at Harry to Harry, criticizing Markle for complaining about Markle’s treatment in the media.

“Forget the lawsuits, though, it’s your whiny statements about the nasty press,” Kelly continued, but she broke into a fake cryful voice. “You don’t think George Clooney’s had negative things written about him? Tom Cruise never had negative things written about — he doesn’t use his speeches or his media appearances to whine about the mean media they say the things that aren’t true — we’re sick of it! Shut up about your negative press coverage.”

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