‘We’ll Gather In Our Sunday Best’: Los Angeles LGBTQ Groups Schedule ‘All-Ages’ Easter Sunday ‘Drag March’

LGBTQ activists in Los Angeles, California, scheduled an “all-ages” Easter Sunday “Drag March.”

The LGBTQ event will take place on Santa Monica Boulevard through the late morning and early afternoon as Christians gather for the holiday honoring Jesus Christ’s resurrection’s. In response to recent expenditures against children female improve practices and sexually explicit bring programs that were filed and passed in many Democratic state, the Los Angeles LGBT Center announced on social media that” we’ll gather’ll in our Sunday Best.”

The Los Angeles LGBT Center stated in a description of the march posted on Eventbrite that” there are already over 400 pieces of anti – LGBTQ + legislation on the books.” Understandably, the majority of them focus on transgender people. Clothes script? Sunday’s Favorite’s Drags.

Supporters of the protest include activist groups like the ACLU of Southern California, the National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence, and Equality California. The event was also supported by Founders Metropolitan Community Church and Saints Los Angeles, both of which pride themselves on being” inclusive” to LGBTQ identities.

The Los Angeles LGBT Center continued,” Gender has always been policed and bring has never been democratic.” ” There are many shades of the rainbow, and once more, it’s time’s for us to display them all in their entirety. We won’t watch as the far right tries to undermine our rights.”

On Easter Sunday afternoon in New Orleans, Louisiana, a” Gay Easter Parade” will take place. This celebration of the Christian event has been going on for almost 20 years. A” Leather and Fetish Week” may be held in Berlin, Germany, and invites enthusiasts from all over Europe for a” weekend of fun during the Easter festivals.”

The incidents do occur as Democratic governors and legislators introduce legislation to prohibit female improve methods for minors, taking into account the long-term harm that surgeries and transgender hormones can cause to patients. Many Republican-passed legislation forbids sexually suggestive drag performances in front of or close to children.

The legislative ideas have received harsh criticism from Democratic leaders and LGBTQ protesters. United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and White House Domestic Policy Council Director Susan Rice recently hosted a summit with” trans kids and their parents” to discuss the state-level attempts to outlaw sex change clinics.

According to a display of the conference from the White House,” it feels dangerous when the officials elected to represent you don’t care about your wellbeing ,” as one large table student shared. Families taking part in tomorrow’s roundtable’s also emphasized that transgender kids can succeed when their parents adore and support them, as well as when they have access to the support they require in their communities and at school.


The 28-year-old woman who claimed to be a man killed three kids and three adults on March 27 at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, is the catalyst for the Easter engagement.

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