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Harris Faulkner criticizes leftist science experiment on women and children, calls it a spiritual battle.

Fox News Host Harris Faulkner Slams Biden and Gender Ideology Push

“We are in a spiritual fight for the soul of America, and if you think that’s not true, take a look around at what’s going on,” Harris said. “The devil has gotten into some people. The worst part of experiencing our country ripping at the seams is that our enemies are massing, feasting on the tastiness of our weaknesses.”

On Monday, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner delivered a fiery monologue on “Fox News Tonight,” discussing the “spiritual fight” the country is in. She called President Joe Biden weak and slammed the gender ideology push as a “mad leftist science experiment on women and children.”

The Dangerous Things We’re Dabbling In

Harris highlighted the dangerous things our country has been “dabbling in of late,” such as the “squashing” of “free speech through cancel culture,” “overrun borders,” and “faith” being “under attack.”

“Our nation’s soul is at stake,” she added. “And we really only have a couple of choices. Three really. We can be bad at protecting the greatest nation on the earth. We can be average at protecting the greatest nation on the earth. Or we can be elite at protecting the greatest nation on earth.”

The Gender Ideology Push

The Fox News host then turned her focus to the gender ideology push, highlighting declared pronouns, forcing women to compete against trans-identifying men in sports, and the overall invasion of men in women’s spaces.

“And women and children are being redesigned by some sort of mad leftist science experiment,” Harris said. “It’s as though people on the Left have more free time than anybody else. They want to acronym and pronoun us to death. Well know this: the Lord has determined I am a woman, and my pronouns are U.S.A.”


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It’s clear that our country is in a spiritual fight for its soul. As Harris Faulkner said, “the devil has gotten into some people.” We must be vigilant in protecting our nation and our values. Let’s choose to be elite at protecting the greatest nation on earth.

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