VIDEO: White House Highlights Biden’s Compassion Amidst Maui Wildfires Vacation

White House‍ press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre⁤ praises‍ President Biden’s response to devastating wildfires in ​Maui

During her appearance‍ on ‌CNN, Karine Jean-Pierre ⁤spoke highly of President Joe Biden’s efforts to support those affected by the ⁤deadly wildfires in Maui. She emphasized that Biden genuinely cares about the individuals who have ⁤suffered significant losses.

Biden finally addressed the crisis after​ four days of silence, assuring ‍Hawaii that they will receive‍ all the necessary ‍resources from the federal government. In a promise made on⁤ Tuesday, he ⁤pledged to provide Hawaii with every asset they need.

Initially, while‌ on vacation in Delaware, Biden chose not to comment on the wildfires,‌ leaving​ many⁢ concerned. However, on⁣ Sunday, he expressed ​ his commitment to visiting the⁤ fire-ravaged areas in Hawaii.

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