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Check out: UK Police Warn of Arresting Man for Walking Near Palestine Protest

The‌ content provided is about ‍the systematic exclusion of⁢ Jews in Germany post-1933 by the Nazis. It also covers a recent incident where UK police threatened to arrest an openly ‌Jewish⁢ man near a Palestine protest. For more ‍details, visit The Western Journal website. The text conveys information about the deliberate ​marginalization of Jews in ⁢Germany by the Nazis ‌after 1933. It also discusses a recent event involving UK police threatening to​ arrest a Jewish ⁤man near a Palestine protest. To explore further, ⁤please visit The Western Journal website.

In the years after the Nazis took power in 1933, they instituted hundreds of laws and policies at the national, state and local levels to systematically remove Jews from German […]

The post Watch: UK Police Threaten to Arrest an ‘Openly Jewish Man’ for Walking Near Palestine Protest appeared first on The Western Journal.

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