WATCH: Tucker Carlson Slams Maxine Waters Over The Daily Wire’s ‘Maskless Flight’ Story

On Tuesday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson slammed Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) in response to a story first reported by The Daily Wire, which included an exclusive photo of the California Democrat flying maskless on a recent United Airlines flight — despite her apparent support for masking as well as the federal government’s mandate requiring all passengers to be masked while aboard commercial airplanes.

“So, if you’re a normal person flying commercial, you don’t go ten seconds without a mask before you’re scolded by a flight attendant. By the way, that’s as they bark advertisements for credit cards over the [public address] system. When did that start happening? You’re like a captive in some credit card ad, what?” the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” quipped.

“But none of this happens to you if you’re Maxine Waters, ’cause you make the rules — you don’t obey them,” Carlson continued. “You can be a super-spreader all you want. Maxine Waters was just spotted maskless on a United flight from Dulles to [Los Angeles], where she lives in a rich, very pale neighborhood.”

“According to The Daily Wire — which got the picture — flight attendants only asked Waters to put on a mask after they were alerted by a tipster. So, she could go barefaced for a full hour and even took a maskless nap,” he added. “Boy, if there’s a definition of luxury in commercial air travel — a maskless nap is it. Can you imagine being allowed to breathe while you nap on a plane?”

“You’ll notice that Maxine Waters was not physically dragged off the plane, charged with a federal felony, permanently banned from flying. No, of course not. She’s Maxine Waters. She gets to do whatever she wants,” Carlson surmised. “Shut up, serf. You’re not Maxine Waters.”

The segment can be seen here:

Maxine Waters makes the rules. She doesn’t obey them.

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) December 22, 2021

Last Thursday, The Daily Wire reported that an anonymous source had provided the photo, claiming airline attendants hounded her for simply pulling her mask down to avoid a nosebleed, as had happened earlier on the flight.

But, The Daily Wire’s source said she did not receive the same treatment from United Airlines:

“My nose had bled pretty early into the flight, so I later on pulled my mask down below my nose to get some cooler air,” she explained. “Within a few minutes, a flight attendant informed me I had to put my mask back on over my nose, the right way, immediately.”

The source says she pointed in the direction of Waters, indicating that she wasn’t wearing a mask as a form of protest.

The flight attendant looked at Waters and said to the woman, “Okay, but you need to put your mask on the right way.”

“I put the mask on ‘the right way’ after the flight attendant told Maxine to put her mask on,” The Daily Wire’s source added. “Maxine had been napping. She did put the mask on after the attendant interrupted her sleep and told her to do so. I think she was startled by the rude awakening.”

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