VIDEO: ‘The View’ hosts’ cringeworthy apologies

They’re ‘really, really sorry’ for ⁢offending half the country on a regular⁢ basis

The⁣ ladies on ABC’s The View probably wouldn’t describe their show as a cesspool of shrill nonsense and liberal hackery, ​but that is precisely what it is. Why else would the New‍ York Times describe it⁤ as “the most important political TV show in America”?

In 2022⁢ alone, The View cohosts were ⁣forced to​ issue nearly 40 apologies, clarifications, and legal‌ Disclaimers for statements they made on ‍the ⁤air. So much for the “intelligent ⁤debate” the journalist Barbara‍ Walters envisioned‍ when ⁤she created The View in 1997.

The list of statements⁤ for which ⁢Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, ​and their colleagues have apologized (or issued clarifications in response to‍ threats ⁢of legal action) is nothing short of astonishing.

Here are some examples:

  • Comparing Christianity⁣ to a “mental illness.”
  • Claiming Supreme Court⁣ justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas⁤ have been “credibly accused“⁤ of⁢ sexual ⁢assault.
  • Suggesting the Holocaust was “not about race.”
  • Asserting that neo-Nazi protesters outside a convention in Florida belonged to a conservative‍ student organization.
  • Repeatedly⁢ “misgendering” former male athlete Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Using a racial slur—”gypped”—to criticize Donald Trump⁣ and ⁢his‌ supporters.
  • Offending nurses by suggesting ⁢nursing is “not ⁤a real talent.”
  • Falsely accusing⁤ Supreme Court​ justice Amy ‍Coney ‌Barrett of ⁢belonging to a “hate‍ group.”
  • Defending accused rapist Bill Cosby by comparing him to⁤ the falsely accused members of the ⁢Duke lacrosse team in 2006.

What are the consequences⁤ of media outlets not ⁢holding individuals accountable for their offensive remarks?


In today’s ⁢highly polarized ​political landscape, it⁤ seems ‌almost impossible to avoid offending someone. With social media providing a platform for ⁣anyone⁤ and everyone to⁢ voice their⁤ opinions, it has become increasingly challenging for media outlets and public‌ figures to navigate these turbulent waters. One particular group that frequently finds themselves in hot water for offensive remarks are the individuals who ‍constantly offend half the ​country.

Who are these individuals,⁢ and why do they seem to constantly say things that provoke anger and outrage? One⁢ could argue that the root of the problem lies in their inability to ⁢properly understand or empathize with the ‌diverse perspectives of⁤ the entire nation. This lack of ⁤understanding often leads to insensitive remarks that ⁤only serve⁤ to ‌further divide an already divided ‌nation.

It is puzzling​ that ​these individuals, who hold positions of influence ⁣and power, fail to grasp the consequences‌ of‌ their words. Perhaps they are‌ so ⁤ensconced in their own beliefs and opinions that they⁣ fail to recognize the impact they have on those who may not share their⁢ worldview. This tunnel vision blinds ​them to the fact that‌ their words not only offend but also deepen the existing⁢ divisions within‌ society.

While some⁢ argue that these individuals knowingly make offensive statements to gain attention or⁢ appeal to their base, it is​ important‍ to recognize the‌ damage caused by such ⁢behavior. The constant stream of offensive⁤ remarks perpetuates a culture of hostility and animosity, making it increasingly difficult for constructive dialogue and compromise ​to take ⁢place.

One can ⁤argue that freedom of speech allows individuals to express their opinions freely. However,‌ with ​freedom comes responsibility, especially ⁢when one⁣ holds a position of ‍influence.‍ It is ⁤crucial for‌ these ⁣individuals to exercise restraint and thoughtfulness ⁤in their⁤ public statements to avoid further fanning the flames of discord.

Moreover, it is essential for media⁤ outlets to be‍ more vigilant in holding these⁢ individuals accountable for their offensive remarks. The dissemination of such statements without proper context or critical analysis leads to the⁤ amplification of divisive ​messages​ and the ⁤polarization of the nation.

However, it is not⁤ all ⁣doom and ⁤gloom. Some individuals have recognized the error​ of ⁢their ways⁤ and have made sincere efforts to rectify the damage caused by their offensive statements. Public apologies have become a ⁢regular occurrence, with individuals expressing their remorse and pledging to be‍ more mindful‌ of the impact of their words in the future.

While these apologies‍ may seem ⁢like empty gestures to some, ‌it is important to view them as a ‍step towards reconciliation⁤ and understanding. It is crucial for ⁣individuals who constantly offend‍ half the country to acknowledge their mistakes, take ‍responsibility for their actions, and actively work towards fostering ⁢a⁢ more‍ inclusive and respectful society.

In ‍a time when the nation ⁤is already deeply divided, it is imperative for those in‍ positions of influence⁢ to recognize the power of their words. Instead of ⁣consistently offending half⁣ the country, they should strive to promote ⁣unity and inclusion. Only then ​can we hope to achieve meaningful ‍progress and bridge ⁤the gaps that divide⁤ us.

It is time for those ⁤who continually⁢ offend to take a long, hard look at themselves and the consequences of their ⁤words. In a ⁤country grappling with numerous challenges, we need leaders​ and public figures who can rise above petty arguments and work towards the betterment of all. Let us⁣ hope that⁢ they truly become ‘really, really sorry’⁢ and take​ the⁣ necessary steps to rectify their behavior.

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