Watch: Texans Phenom CJ Stroud Goes Viral with Spirit-Filled Message Following Comeback Win

If you are like me, after a⁣ long week of doom and gloom in the world, you look ​forward to watching some football on the weekend.

For those ​few‌ hours, the game takes your mind off ‍the worries of the world. Unfortunately, that hasn’t‌ always ​been the case over the last few years.

Does the NFL know that being an Arizona Cardinals fan is hard enough without being bombarded with‍ political, racial and vaccine messages?

The NFL’s most ⁣talked about player, Travis Kelce, isn’t talked about due to his performance on the field, but rather his relationship with singer ‌ Taylor Swift and his keen liking to his nickname ⁣of “Mr. Pfizer.”

Every once in a while though, some ‌fans of the game are treated with a little glimmer​ of hope that the game has not been lost to bunch of progressive, out-of-touch superstars. Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud broke the mold.

If you didn’t catch it last‌ Sunday, we don’t blame you. ‌This isn’t ⁣something that​ ESPN⁤ would⁤ be broadcasting after⁢ it mocked Tim Tebow ‍and Christianity out of the league.

First, C.J. Stroud led the Texans to a resounding comeback victory‌ over the heavily favored Cincinnati Bengals.

Despite filling up the boxscore by going 23-39, throwing for over 350 yards and ⁢scoring a pair of touchdowns, Stroud was most impressive by his decision off the field.

Following the comeback victory, a reporter asked Stroud how he is able to handle all the chaos happening on the field. Stroud gave all the glory to God.

“For me, I​ mean, it’s a‌ lot ‍of prayer. A lot of just knowing that man, ‍God wouldn’t put anything on me that I can’t ‌handle,” Stroud explained.

“I don’t deserve His grace​ and His mercy, but He still gives it to me, and I love Him for that.”

“It’s not about me,” the quarterback proudly stated. “It’s about Him and His glory.”

Sure, it doesn’t seem like a lot that Stroud is ‌giving credit to the almighty God to a room full of reporters probably ⁢unreceptive to the message anyway, but the video was seen thousands of times on the internet thanks to a viral post.

Stroud followed the teachings of the Paul‍ in the book of Romans and was unashamed in telling the Gospel. It was a breath ‍of fresh⁣ air in a room that has⁤ been suffocated⁣ by players our kids should not be⁢ admiring.

As a result of Stroud’s unabashed declaration‍ of God, hundreds of thousands of ‍people got to hear about the loving ⁣grace of our Father. Who knows, maybe​ as a result of that speech,‌ someone became‌ more receptive to Jesus. That’s something that ⁢Heaven will celebrate harder than any come-from-behind victory.

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Opinion: C.J. ‍Stroud Breaks the Mold ⁢with Faith-Filled Postgame Speech

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