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Watch: Refs Overlook Obvious Foul on Caitlin Clark, Igniting Immediate Outrage Among Fans

During a WNBA game against the⁣ Washington Mystics, Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark ‍was involved in a‍ controversial incident where‌ she was clearly fouled by⁢ Mystics center Stefanie Dolson but ⁤no foul⁢ was called by the referees. The incident, captured in⁢ a video clip, showed Clark getting hit across the arm while⁢ attempting a layup, leading to​ her disbelief‍ and ‍the outcry from fans and commentators. Despite the missed call, the Fever won the game 88-81. This event sparked significant social‍ media debate and ​frustration,⁤ highlighting ongoing discussions about the treatment of Clark in​ the league, seen by many as a ​key figure capable of boosting​ the ‌WNBA’s popularity due to her​ playing skills and marketability.

Caitlin Clark fans were disgusted after referees missed a blatant foul on the Indiana Fever guard during Wednesday’s game against the Washington Mystics.

A video clip showed Clark getting smacked across the arm by Mystics center Stefanie Dolson as she went in for a layup.

The WNBA rookie sensation reacted with disbelief, saying, “Are you kidding me?”

She can be heard saying the slap was a foul.

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Cory Woodroof of USA Today’s For the Win said the referees “missed a blatant foul.”

“Clark taking hard fouls has been a talking point of the WNBA season, but this block from Mystics center Stefanie Dolson clearly smacked Clark’s arm as she was going up for the basket,” he wrote.

“Rather than rule it a foul, the referees held the whistle and let the game continue.”

Is Caitlin Clark targeted?

“It’s going to continue to be a focal point this season for how teams are playing Clark and if it crosses a line into foul territory, but this seems like it was an obvious call the referees just missed,” Woodroof said.

Although the Fever won the game 88-81, the missed call ignited a social media uproar.

“How does she not get even these obvious foul calls???” one person asked on X.

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One user asked, “Where’s that special whistle …” Chicago Sky forward Angel Reese claimed referees use to give Clark favorable treatment.

In response, another person observed that Clark “gets fouled so much off-ball and refs let it happen.”

The WNBA needs to wake up and understand that Clark is a rainmaker whose undisputed star power has catapulted the heretofore lackluster sports league.

Thanks to the former Iowa star, TV ratings of WNBA games have skyrocketed, along with ticket sales and merchandise purchases.

The league doesn’t have to treat the NCAA scoring champ with kid gloves, but it should at least make sure she’s treated fairly.

If Clark gets injured by jealous haters and is sidelined, the league will once again sink back into obscurity.

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