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WATCH: Preschool Teachers Drill Students in ‘Woke’ Gender Language

Teachers were instructed to teach transgenderism and Black Lives Matter to children as young as four-years-old by teachers

Early childhood educators were encouraged by a group that accredits North Carolina’s day-care centers to teach children as young as four about transgenderism, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children hosted an October conference for child care professionals in order to complete the required training hours. remain licensed in the state. Participants were required to observe Reflecting on Antibias Education in Action: Early Years?, Documentary This is what happens at two West Coast preschools. Teachers drill their children in a variety of subjects. “woke” subjects.

One scene shows a teacher holding up a doll to tell a class made up of children aged four and five that the doll is not binary. “just like me” Corrects the class when the children refer the doll to as “he” Instead of “they.”

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The film ends with the children making their own films. “Black Lives Matter” The children will take their signs and parade them around the preschool. The class also wrote a statement in support for Black Lives Matter, which one child reads to camera.

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“The Black Lives Matter movement is a group of people who want to make sure that people of all skin colors are treated fairly,” The statement was read. “Black lives matter because black people are not being treated fairly, and that’s not nice.”

This is just the latest example of an accreditation body pushing radical racial or gender ideologies onto children. American Academy of Pediatrics is the standard for pediatricians. come under fire for supporting sex-change for children as young at 10. Zero to Three, the most prominent early childhood development group in the country, has shown signs of support for sex-change operations for children as young as 10. “transgender identity” Children as young as two years old can start to show signs of it. Washington Free Beacon reported.

The documentary was shot at Epiphany Early Learning Preschool, Southwest Early Learning Bilingual Preschool, Seattle, Wash., as well as Pacific Primary School, San Francisco, Calif. Debbie LeeKeenan (one of the film’s producers) said that it was filmed during a virtual interview. Screening This documentary “there are no scripts or actors in the film” And that “these are real teachers in real classrooms.”

One teacher who identified as gay says he wears a skirt to work and talks about it with young children.

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