Watch as McEnany slams Biden for embarrassing US in Israel meeting.

Fox ⁢News Host Kayleigh McEnany Roasts President Biden for Slurring Words and “Sleepy‍ Joe” Moment

During​ a meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, President Joe Biden faced criticism from Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany ⁢for his ⁤slurred ‌speech and apparent drowsiness.​ This incident adds to a long list of gaffes that‌ undermine Biden’s status as the most powerful man‍ on Earth.

Israel-based journalist James ​Spiro ⁣shared a video clip of the encounter, highlighting Biden’s tired and incoherent demeanor in‌ the Oval ⁢Office. Some even suggested that ​he appeared to be on the verge of falling asleep.

Discussing ⁣Biden’s latest blunder on “Outnumbered,” McEnany expressed astonishment at his ⁣lethargic and incoherent state ⁢while meeting with an ally like the Israeli president. She questioned whether⁣ he behaves the same way with⁢ leaders like Xi⁢ Jinping and‍ Vladimir Putin, and criticized The New York⁢ Times​ for covering up his shortcomings.

To support her argument, McEnany read an excerpt from a‌ New York Times article that praised ‌Biden’s ability to ‌keep up during overseas⁤ trips. She countered by saying, “Does this look like a guy who ‍you ‌are astonished at ‍his‌ ability to keep up?⁢ … No! This looks like someone who is woefully behind.”

McEnany concluded by asking ​if anyone in America thinks it’s a good idea to give Biden ⁤four⁤ more⁢ years, emphasizing the negative impact ⁤his presidency has had on the country. She highlighted ‌the destructive⁢ policies that have led to inflation, crime, border issues, racial⁢ tensions, and geopolitical unrest.

While the left-leaning⁤ media downplays Biden’s mental⁤ deterioration, his constant gaffes have become a humiliating punchline on⁣ the global stage, undermining the United States’ standing in the world.‍ The weakness‌ and ineptitude projected by the⁣ president compromise national security, public safety, and global stability.

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