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LIVE: Trump addresses South Carolina GOP Silver Elephant Gala

Former President Donald Trump to Speak at South Carolina Republican Party’s⁣ Annual Silver Elephant Gala

Get ready for an⁣ exciting evening as Former President Donald Trump takes⁣ the ‌stage⁣ at the South Carolina Republican Party’s highly⁤ anticipated annual Silver Elephant Gala. This prestigious event is‌ set to kick off at 7 P.M., with President Trump’s address scheduled to begin at 8:30 p.m.

Joining President Trump on this momentous occasion will be esteemed guests ⁢including Governor Henry ‌McMaster (R-SC), South Carolina GOP Chair ​Drew McKissick, and various​ other influential figures from the party.

The Silver Elephant Dinner, ⁣now in its 56th year, holds ⁤a special place in ⁤history as it was inaugurated with a captivating speech by none⁢ other than former ‍President Ronald Reagan. This tradition of hosting remarkable speakers continues with the ‍presence of President Trump.

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A Week of Challenges

President Trump’s address⁤ comes at a pivotal moment, following one of his toughest⁣ weeks since leaving office. This week witnessed a historic third indictment being brought against the former president, adding to the intensity and significance of his‍ upcoming speech.

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