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Witness: Bud Light Boycott is linked to shootings by Lincoln challenge adviser.

On Wednesday, a Lincoln Project advisor made an attempt to link the recent shootings and the protest against Bud Light, which was criticized for its sponsorship of transgender influencers, by blaming both on” a tradition of fearfulness.”

After being questioned about current gun violence by host Stephanie Ruhle, senior adviser Stuart Stevens for the Lincoln Project said in an appearance on MSNBC,” Look, I think there’s’s a clear line between that culture of fear where people feel threatened by Instagram comments or liquor labels.”

Stuart Stevens, a constant MSNBC guest and senior advisor on the Lincoln Project, claimed that the Bud Lite commercial starring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney is to blame for the increase in violence in the US. photograph. / 93BkJqZpa

Kevin Tober(@ KevinTober94 ) April 20, 2023

Stevens made reference to the traditional criticism of Bud Light this quarter following Dylan Mulvaney’s’s announcement of a partnership with the company. His remarks made a connection between the boycott and recent, reportedly unprovoked shootings in the US, such as the fatalities of two women in New York who were killed by homeowners after they pulled into their driveways.

Even though there have been no claims of a social cause in either case, the Lincoln Project director continued to attribute the shootings to Republicans. Stevens charged the party with making America the” home of the fearful” by attempting to” maximize their predominantly white vote, which is a fear – and grievance-based tactic.”

Before the TV segment aired, Stevens wrote on Twitter,” The similar fear that motivates somebody to shoot a man at their door or drive is the same worry that an Instagram post and brewery pose as individual threats to your way of life.” Something you don’t know or learn poses a challenge in this fearful history.

The commentator’s’s comments come after media outlets accused Republicans of being responsible for the shooting in Nashville that resulted in the deaths of six people at a private Christian education. One Nation journalist claimed that Republicans were” the party of literal death” in this incident.

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