WATCH: Kangaroo Goes Flying Through Metal Fence In Fight

Two kangaroos at the Mount Taylor Nature Reserve in Canberra, Australia, put on a fight worthy of a Pay-Per-View slot in a video captured by a passerby and posted to social media Thursday.

The kangaroos spun around while duking it out for a few seconds before one finally got the upper hand and shoved his opponent through a nearby fence. A loud crash is heard as the kangaroo flies through the metal fence, and the victor stands beside the destruction, staring at the gaping hole it created.


Julian Doak was out at Mount Taylor Nature Reserve when he came across the sparring kangaroos and captured the fight on camera.

Watch more videos from Sky News:

— Sky News (@SkyNews) August 25, 2022

Neither of the kangaroos appeared to be hurt in the dustup. The kangaroo that was thrown through the fence was later seen hopping down the road perfectly fine, TMZ reported.

Kangaroos are known for their exceptional boxing skills. Males often fight for dominance and access to females, according to BBC Earth. A young kangaroo will even begin practicing his fighting immediately after leaving his mother’s pouch.

The animals have also grappled with people. In June, Newsweek reported on a video showing an Australian man, Cliff Des, wrestling with a kangaroo after the creature came running after him. Des grabbed a stick off the ground to help fend off the attacking kangaroo before finally pinning it to the ground to calm it down.

Des explained to Australia’s “Today” show that he saw the six-foot kangaroo in the garden “trying to rip [his] little dogs out of the yard.”

“I went near it, about 30-foot away to try to shoo it away, but it didn’t want to go away,” he said. “I thought this guy means business, he was going to mongrel me if I didn’t, I took him to the ground.”

While Des eventually subdued the animal, the kangaroo bit his fingers and clawed his head and legs.

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