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WATCH: Joy Behar blasts Trump, says ‘he manipulated everybody’ with claims of arrest

The View criticized former President Donald Trump on Wednesday for lying about being indicted and arrested for allegedly paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

“He manipulated everybody. We all rose to the occasion — the papers — everybody just went there,” Joy Behar said.

The former president claimed on Truth Social that he would be arrested on Tuesday and asked his supporters to protest, but no arrest was made.

“He hasn’t been arrested like he predicted,” Sunny Hostin acknowledged.

The hosts agreed that they should not take Trump at his word.

“You kind of have to weigh it with all the other stuff he’s said,” Whoopi Goldberg explained. “And you figure, well, you know, you said you won the election. You didn’t win. You said they are coming to arrest you. They didn’t arrest you.”

“Why would we start believing him now?” Sara Haines asked.

Behar criticized the former president, calling him a liar.


On Wednesday, the Manhattan grand jury’s meeting was called off, but District Attorney Alvin Bragg told the members to be on standby for Thursday.

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