VIDEO: John Durham Educates Dem Congressman on Special Counsel Probe

Democratic Congressman Criticizes Durham Probe

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Democratic congressman Hank Johnson (Ga.) attempted to criticize former special counsel John Durham’s recently concluded probe. Johnson made a misguided statement, claiming that Durham “couldn’t even indict Hunter Biden.” However, it’s important to note that the Durham probe had nothing to do with Hunter Biden.

“We didn’t investigate Mr. Hunter Biden,” Durham responded.

Despite Durham’s clear response, Johnson ignored it and continued with his questioning. He went on to list several individuals whom Durham didn’t indict, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. Johnson’s line of questioning seemed to stem from a misunderstanding of the scope and purpose of the investigation.

Durham’s Probe and Findings

John Durham’s probe focused on the FBI and the Justice Department’s investigation of former president Donald Trump. The investigation concluded that the FBI’s basis for looking into the conspiracy theory of Trump colluding with Russia was “seriously flawed.” This finding sheds light on the flaws within the initial investigation.

It’s worth noting that the FBI’s investigation, led by former special counsel Robert Mueller, ultimately found no evidence of Trump’s campaign colluding with Russia.

Hunter Biden’s Legal Situation

Separate from the Durham probe, Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, recently agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges and entered into a plea deal to avoid a felony firearms charge. Republicans have criticized the charges, considering them a lenient punishment for the president’s son.

Despite this development, House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R., Ky.) has assured that the charges will not impact his ongoing probe into Hunter Biden’s financial dealings.

Controversial Remarks by Congressman Johnson

Hank Johnson, a nine-term congressman, has a history of making controversial remarks. In the past, he suggested that U.S. troop deployments could cause the island of Guam to tip over and made an anti-Semitic comparison between Israeli settlers and termites. He has also faced criticism for his comments on World War II-era Japanese internment policies.

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