WATCH: How Liberal Misinformation Led to Violent Protest of Conservative UC Davis Speaker

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, accuses the University of California, Davis of inciting a violent protest of his Tuesday appearance on campus. The school’s chancellor is accused. “went out of his way to lie about me.”

Here are some things to do before the event. Sacramento Bee Gary May, an op-ed writer at UC Davis, falsely claimed that Kirk had called for violence against transgender individuals.

“One of the reasons why the tensions were so high … is because the leader of the university went out of his way to lie about me,” Kirk spoke on Wednesday’s podcast. “The violence yesterday is directly connected with him as the chancellor of UC Davis lying about me and firing up the shock troops.”

Kirk threatened May and The to sue Kirk Bee These claims are important. The Bee retracted its statements and apologized, but May has yet to correct himself. His office didn’t immediately respond to a request to comment.

Many UC Davis protesters, some dressed in black, smashed windows and hurled eggs at campus police officers to disrupt Tuesday’s event. The Turning Point chapter of the university organized it. Two people were arrested on charges of spray-painting the exterior of the venue and the iconic university logo. “egghead” Statues were adorned with graffiti and the Antifa symbol. No “major physical injuries” UC Davis officials reported that they were.

“From WATCH: Liberal Misinformation Leads to Violent Protest by Conservative UC Davis Speaker

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