VIDEO: Hannity Transforms Anti-War Advocate Vivek into Neocon

Isolationist GOP⁤ Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy⁣ Shifts Stance ⁣on Israel and⁢ Taiwan

During a 10-minute interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, GOP presidential ⁢candidate Vivek Ramaswamy made a surprising pivot on his foreign policy positions.‌ Hannity confronted Ramaswamy ⁤over his recent proposals to cut off U.S. military aid to Israel‍ and drop defense of‍ Taiwan after 2028.‌ In response, Ramaswamy denied‌ ever proposing such policies and instead vowed to increase U.S. support for both countries if elected.

This ⁣interview on Hannity is just‌ the ⁢latest example of Ramaswamy, a 38-year-old ‌entrepreneur with no political experience, adjusting his isolationist foreign policy positions in the face of criticism.

“You said aid to Israel, our number one ally, the only democracy in the region, should end in 2028 and‌ that⁣ they should be⁢ integrated with⁢ their neighbors,” Hannity said.

“That’s false,” Ramaswamy replied. “What I said is it would be a mark of success if we ever got to⁤ a point in our relationship with ⁤Israel where Israel never needed the United States’ aid.”

Pressed further by ​Hannity on the importance⁣ of ‌the U.S.-Israel strategic alliance and the intelligence sharing in a region with many enemies, Ramaswamy confidently stated, “I understand it I think more deeply than probably anybody in this race.”

Ramaswamy added, “By ⁢the‌ end of my first term, our relationship with Israel⁤ will be stronger than ever because I⁣ will treat it as a true⁤ friendship, not⁢ just a transactional relationship.”

“Then…⁤ why did you say that Israel should not have⁣ preferential treatment from us?” Hannity asked, alluding to comments Ramaswamy made to the Washington​ Free ​Beacon ⁢ and others.

Ramaswamy ⁣dismissed Hannity’s characterization of his remarks as “fake news” ⁣and reiterated his promise ⁣to negotiate⁤ an “Abraham Accords⁢ 2.0” peace treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, and Oman. He also​ emphasized his commitment⁣ to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities.

Earlier on Monday, Ramaswamy’s website was updated‍ to ‍clarify that he “won’t cut aid to⁣ Israel until Israel tells the U.S. that​ it ⁤no longer needs the aid.” This came after Ramaswamy previously ⁤expressed support for cutting off aid‍ when the current package passed⁤ by Congress expires in 2028.

Hannity also questioned Ramaswamy’s apparent support for allowing China to invade Taiwan ⁤once‍ the United​ States no longer⁤ needs the ⁤island nation for critical semiconductor ‌technology. Ramaswamy⁣ clarified that he meant after 2028, he would return the United ‍States to the status quo on Taiwan. Until then, he would strengthen ⁤the U.S. commitment to defend Taiwan from China.

“We need to be clear ‍that we will ⁢defend Taiwan,” Ramaswamy​ said. ​”We have to defend Taiwan until we achieve semiconductor independence, at which⁤ point we resume⁤ our current posture of strategic ambiguity,” Ramaswamy‌ said, ​echoing his Monday letter‌ to the Wall‍ Street Journal editorial board.

Hannity also briefly discussed Ramaswamy’s platform on Ukraine,​ which involves ending U.S. aid to the ‌country and accepting Russia’s conquest in⁣ exchange​ for ‍Moscow ending its military alliance with China. ​Both Hannity and Ramaswamy expressed concerns about the⁢ Russia-China alliance.

Overall, Ramaswamy’s⁤ evolving foreign policy positions have drawn attention ⁣and scrutiny.‍ As the campaign progresses, voters ‍will be closely watching how he continues ⁤to shape his ‌stance on these critical ​international issues.


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