WATCH: ESPN Takes Moment of Silence to Protest Florida's Don't-Groom-Kids Bill

On Friday, several ESPN broadcasters showed their support for the radical LGBTQ agenda by taking a moment of silence over Florida’s education bill that prevents sexual indoctrination of preteens in schools.

College basketball announcers Carolyn Peck and Courtney Lyle indulged their moment of silence during Friday’s broadcast of the NCAA championships. Calling Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill a “threat to human rights,” Lyle admitted that left-wing Disney employees reached out to ESPN employees to support their radical attack on Florida’s popular bill.


ESPN’s Elle Duncan also jumped in with a moment of silence and offered her support for those dishonestly attacking Florida’s education bill. Duncan told viewers that ESPN employees were also planning walkouts and falsely said the bill is “targeting” LGBTQ communities.

Disney, which owns and operates ESPN, is currently embroiled in planned walkouts and attacks on the company by its own LGBTQ employees who have been upset that Disney didn’t launch a full-frontal attack on the bill they wrongfully label as the “don’t say gay” bill.

Disney executives initially took no public stance on the bill as it was debated in the state legislature. But after internal criticism by organized groups of LGBTQ employees, Disney CEO Bob Chapek announced that the company stands against the bill.

Chapek even groveled before his employees, saying he was “sorry” he didn’t oppose the bill from the beginning.

The attacks on the bill a characterized by false accusations. In fact, Florida’s bill does not “say gay” itself, as no sexual ideology is mentioned in the bill. What it does, instead, is prevent schools from exposing kids under ten years of age from being exposed to sexual indoctrination in school without parents first being alerted.

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