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VIDEO: Dr. Jill Biden Reveals Emotional Campaign Ad

If your loved one (or president) suffers from agitation in Alzheimer’s dementia, seek help today

If your loved one (or president) with dementia ⁣or Alzheimer’s disease has become agitated,‍ it’s not ⁤their⁤ fault.

That’s the message of a new​ campaign video produced (we presume) by Dr. First Lady Jill Biden, Ed.D., which ‍seeks to reassure Americans with elderly relatives (or presidents) suffering from cognitive decline. The video​ was exclusively ‌obtained by the Washington Free Beacon prior to its release⁣ nationwide.

Individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s are prone ⁣to agitation and other‌ violent behavior “beyond their control,” according to science. President⁣ Joe Biden, for example, has reportedly terrified White House staffers with his “quick-trigger temper” and foul-mouthed‌ eruptions. These have ⁣caused some aides to “avoid meeting alone with him.”

Fret not, America. It’s not too late to get your loved ones ⁤(or‌ president) the ⁤help and support they⁤ need so that they‌ will no longer be a danger to themselves or their country.

Brain Rage: Biden’s Violent Temper a Common Symptom of Dementia, Alzheimer’s

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