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WATCH: Down Syndrome Actor Gets ‘Happy Birthday’ Chorus At Oscars

James Martin, an actor who is 31 years old, is the star of “An Irish Goodbye,” On Sunday, I was able to join the producers of the film on the Academy Awards stage. Ross White and Tom Berkeley shifted to Martin during their acceptance speech of Best Live-Action Short.

“This award is actually the second most important thing about today because it’s this man’s birthday,” said Berkeley. “He’s out here in Hollywood, wearing a leopard-print suit jacket. We’d love to use the rest of our time up here to sing to James.”

They led the Dolby Theater into a sing-along for Martin’s 31st birthday.

Hollywood has made James Martin, an actor from Ireland with Down Syndrome, one of the highlights so far of the evening by singing Happy Birthday to Hollywood. #Oscars

— Giancarlo Sopo (@GiancarloSopo) March 13, 2023

Martin is a Downsiactor. Martin is the star of the Oscar-winning short film. He works as a chef at Scalini’s Italian restaurant in Belfast and at a Belfast Starbucks.

“Anybody can act, it doesn’t matter if you have Down syndrome,” He Telled The Daily Mail January

Right to Life UK was founded after the U.K. government promised funding to expand abortion in Northern Ireland. Detailed explanation Catholic News Agency “that once abortion services are fully commissioned in Northern Ireland, abortion will be available ‘up to the point of birth’ for all disabilities including cleft palate, club foot, and Down syndrome.”

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