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Video: ‘Sound of Freedom’s’ Jim Caviezel Claims CIA Attempted His Assassination and Threatens Future Attempts – ‘No Fear’

Actor Jim Caviezel Accuses CIA of Attempted Assassination

Actor Jim Caviezel, the star of the hit film “Sound of Freedom,” has made shocking claims that the CIA tried to kill him. In a recent interview on the Speropictures Podcast, Caviezel and retired Gen. Michael Flynn discussed various topics, including the success of the film, which tells the story of real-life hero Tim Ballard and his efforts to rescue victims of child sex trafficking.

“Sound of Freedom” has surpassed expectations at the box office, earning over $53 million against a modest budget of $14.5 million. This underdog story has captured the hearts and wallets of Americans, especially in a world where big-budget films dominate.

However, Caviezel revealed that his involvement in the film almost didn’t happen due to the alleged actions of the CIA. During the podcast, he read a tweet suggesting that his “days are numbered” and that the CIA would make it look like an accident. Caviezel boldly pointed his finger at the CIA, accusing them of operating the “world’s biggest pedophile ring.”

In response to the tweet, Caviezel expressed his fearlessness and faith in God. He shared that he was brought into Hollywood by God and that he would gladly trade his life to save the victims of child sex trafficking. Caviezel’s conviction and passion were evident as he challenged Christians to stop fearing the devil and to wake up to the truth.

Furthermore, Caviezel hinted at a motorcycle accident he had in 2009, suggesting that it may have been more than just an accident. Despite any potential involvement of the CIA, Caviezel made it clear that he is not afraid and will continue to speak out.

His powerful message has resonated with many, and his bravery in the face of potential danger is inspiring. Caviezel’s accusations against the CIA have sparked widespread interest and concern.

Watch the full interview below:

What do you think? Should Jim Caviezel fear the CIA?

Should Jim Caviezel fear the CIA?

Caviezel’s courage and unwavering faith in the face of potential danger is a powerful reminder to stand up for what is right. His accusations against the CIA have sparked a conversation about the alleged dark forces at play in the world. Regardless of the truth behind his claims, Caviezel’s message serves as a call to action for Christians to overcome fear and make a difference.

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