WATCH: Did Newsom Confirm Biden’s Cognitive Decline?

Gavin‍ Newsom’s Calculated Response to Biden’s Mental Ability

During the GOP’s second ‍2024 primary ⁢debate, Governor Gavin Newsom⁤ (D-CA) showcased his love for the spotlight, even in hostile territory. Known for his⁤ slick political maneuvers and rare verbal errors, Newsom’s reaction to ​Sean Hannity’s ‌comment about President Joe Biden’s ⁢mental ability was particularly intriguing.

From the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Hannity attempted ​to goad Newsom​ into admitting his desire ‌to⁤ run for higher⁢ office in 2024. The two engaged ⁣in lighthearted banter, with‌ Hannity suggesting​ that the grandeur of​ the presidency might appeal to Newsom’s‍ ambitions.

“I know the truth, in‌ your ‌heart, in your​ mind, you want this,” Hannity teased, as Newsom grinned ⁤and shifted in his seat. “But you‍ have basically gone on a media tour sucking up to‍ Joe Biden, and you know​ he’s a cognitive mess.”

Newsom met Hannity’s gaze and confidently replied, “I also⁢ know” he’s ⁢got an ‌extraordinary record to run ‍on, sparking a back-and-forth exchange. (emphasis added)

Although it may have gone unnoticed, Newsom subtly acknowledged that Biden ⁣is indeed a “cognitive mess.”

Given Newsom’s​ political prominence and his evident hunger for power, ⁢it’s safe⁣ to assume that he knew exactly what he‍ was doing with his response.


By praising Biden, Newsom cleverly shielded himself from overtly ⁤criticizing the president. However, his subtle admission of Biden’s obvious ‌mental handicaps opened⁤ the ‍door for ⁤Democrats to ⁣consider ⁢alternative options.

Currently, Newsom ‌holds ‍significant power in selecting the replacement for⁣ the ‍late‍ Sen. ⁤Diane Feinstein. ⁢Will he ‍leverage this opportunity to position‌ himself for 2024 and beyond? Only time⁤ will reveal his intentions.

For ⁢now, it appears that Biden will be the 2024 Democratic nominee. However, if his health becomes an obstacle and forces him off the ballot, Newsom has​ positioned himself as the heir apparent.

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Will Newsom’s calculated response to criticism from Sean Hannity resonate with voters ⁤in the upcoming 2024 presidential‌ race

Ing ⁢praise from both critics and supporters, and accomplishing more in just‌ a few months than many presidents do⁣ in their entire terms.”

By redirecting the conversation away ‌from Biden’s‍ mental ability and instead focusing on his achievements, Newsom displayed his political astuteness. He carefully avoided⁣ engaging in a potentially damaging discussion that ⁢could have put ‌him ​at odds with his own party and‌ its leader.

Throughout his career, Newsom has demonstrated ‍an‍ ability to strategically position himself within the Democratic‌ Party. A shrewd observer⁢ ‍of political dynamics, he knows when ⁤to ally himself with popular figures and when to distance himself from controversial ones. By implicitly supporting Biden’s record, he not only avoids criticizing the President, but also aligns himself with the majority of Democrats ​who view Biden’s term so far as successful.

Furthermore, Newsom’s response allows him to‍ demonstrate his loyalty ⁢to the party and its values. In a time marked by political division, the Governor aims to present himself as a⁢ unifying figure who can bridge the gaps within the⁤ Democratic Party. By refusing⁤ to be drawn into a public criticism of ​Biden, ​he sends ⁢a message of unity and solidarity, positioning himself as a unifying ⁢force within ⁢the party.

However, Newsom’s ​calculated response does not come without risks. ⁣While it may help him avoid potential backlash from his​ party,⁣ it also opens⁢ him up to criticism from his opponents. By aligning himself with Biden and his record, he may be seen as a continuation of the current administration’s policies, which could ‌turn off‍ voters who are looking for fresh ideas‍ and a break from the status quo.

Nevertheless, Newsom’s ability to tactfully navigate ‌such situations showcases his‍ political acumen. He understands the delicate balance between loyalty to the party and the‌ need to establish ⁤his own identity as a politician. By avoiding direct criticism of Biden’s mental ability, he skillfully sidesteps a potential political minefield.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether Newsom’s carefully crafted response to Hannity’s comment will work to his advantage. As the 2024 presidential race looms closer, Newsom’s​ political​ strategy will be put to the test. Will ⁣his calculated maneuvers and careful ‍messaging resonate⁢ with voters, or will they see through the carefully crafted façade? Only time ⁣will tell, but one thing⁤ is certain – ⁢Governor Gavin Newsom is a politician to watch in the coming years.

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