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Washington Post Found A Lot Of Happy Transgender People, If You Don’t Count Those Who’ve Committed Suicide

The The Washington Post must be extremely happy of itself for addressing one of the biggest issues with the transgender conversation( a lack of data ) and coming up with a successful solution( most trans people are content! . ).

The report released” one of the largest randomized specimens of U.S. trans parents to day about their existences, feelings, and world” on Thursday. 515 U.S. parents who identify as trans participated in the poll last year, which was conducted from November 10 to December 1. An additional 823 American parents did not identify.

There were a lot of depressing data about responders who are more likely to say they frequently feel frightened than regular people who say their existences were happy. The biggest takeaway, however, was that 78 % of those who claimed to have” transitioned” away from their natural sex were” more satisfied” with their lives than they had been prior to the transition process.

That’s fantastic information for the Post and the other regional media trans-promoters because it means that all the worry and debate about people who want to use hormone and surgical procedures to permanently change their bodies and appearances is for nothing!

Watch? This has nothing to do with psychological ailments. They are happier as a result of migrating, which is true.

Poor diet and lack of exercise have absolutely no bearing on Covid-related illness, just like every other new” finding” in the media that defies logic and reality! ), it’s absurd.

The survey is essentially useless in every way, starting with the definition of” transition.” The Post created the survey in collaboration with the Kaiser Family Foundation so that” transgender” includes anyone from those who have undergone surgical procedures( just over 15 %) down to a person who merely declares,” I’m transgend ,” regardless of whether he does anything at all that sets him apart from the average man. Janelle Monae, a stunning actress with unambiguous sex in every way, qualifies as” transgender” by that standard just because she refers to her own sexual orientation as being” nonbinary.” ( Look ! Another transgender woman who is completely content!

Then there is the completely pointless one-time questioning of someone who is engaged in a highly flow, longstanding conflict. One day, a person who truly believes that his mental and emotional condition is out of sync with his science may very well believe differently. He might return to his initial emotions. They might alter once more. It might happen sooner or later. It frequently occurs.

It’s not a one-and-done for someone who chooses to live in ways that make him look more like the other female. That needs to be looked at for a number of years. Only one study has performed actual genital surgery, which is, in theory, the most challenging kind of” transfer.”

Six Swedish medical professionals and researchers followed the results of 324 trans people who had undergone sex surgery over a 30-year period, 191 of whom were female and 133 were female. Ten strange management topics of the sex that the transgender subject was impersonating were cross-referenced to each subject. A man who had surgery to make himself appear more like a person, for instance, would use the person as his management topics.

The outcomes were disastrous.

Surgery patients were more good than management participants to receive inpatient treatment for a medical problem, to be found guilty of crimes, and to develop cardiovascular disease. The highest rate of suicide was among trans patients, who had a 20-fold higher risk of committing suicide within ten years of their services.

The authors concluded that” compared to a strong management people, this study found significantly higher rates of overall mortality, death from cardiovascular disease and suicide, suicide attempts, and medical hospitalizations in sex-reassigned trans individuals.” This demonstrates that transsexuals who have undergone surgery are a risk group who require long-term clinical and bodily follow-up. They stated that while trans people may experience some relief from surgery and empirical cross-sex hormones, like treatment is” probably not sufficient to product the higher rates of illness.”

I have no doubt that most transgender people are content. It’s just too good The The Washington Post is unable to look at those who committed suicide.

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