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Warner Bros. Discovery sets date for ‘Harry Potter’ TV series premiere

Warner Bros. Discovery Announces ‍Release Date for Highly-Anticipated Harry​ Potter TV ‌Series

Warner Bros. Discovery has finally revealed the release date for the ⁤much-awaited Harry Potter ⁢ TV series. During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav announced that the series is set to debut in 2026, ⁢according ⁣to ⁢ The Hollywood Reporter.

“We’ve not been shy about ⁤our excitement around ‍Harry Potter,”⁤ Zaslav expressed while ‌discussing the company’s franchise strategy. “The last film was made more than a dozen years ago.”

Zaslav also⁢ shared his recent meeting with renowned “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling ⁢ and her team regarding​ the upcoming project.

“Both ‌sides⁢ are thrilled to be reigniting this ‍franchise,” Zaslav ⁢added. “Our conversations were great, and ‌we couldn’t be more excited about what’s ahead. We can’t⁤ wait to share​ a decade of new stories with fans around the world⁢ on Max.”

During a Max streaming event last⁤ spring, officials confirmed ⁣the‌ development of the TV series​ based on Rowling’s‍ seven-book series. Despite facing numerous attacks from trans activists, Rowling will serve as an executive producer, as previously reported.


Officials have stated that the long-form series will be released over a ‌10-year⁣ period and will stay faithful to the books.

“J.K. is an executive‍ producer, and her insights will be⁣ helpful,” said Casey Bloys, chairman and⁤ CEO​ of HBO and Max ⁤Content. “We are in the Harry ⁣Potter business.”

“The TV show is new and exciting, but we’ve been in the Harry Potter business for 20​ years; this isn’t a new decision,” Bloys emphasized. ⁤”We’re comfortable being in the Potter business.”

“J.K. is a very online⁢ conversation… It’s very nuanced‍ and complicated and not something we’re​ going to get into,” the CEO continued. “Our priority is what’s onscreen. The Harry‌ Potter story ⁤is incredibly affirmative and positive about love and acceptance, and that’s our priority, what’s on the screen.”

Rowling has faced ⁤backlash ⁣from ‌transgender activists due to her defense of biological women, as ‍previously reported.

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What is the release date for the Harry Potter TV series and why might ‍it ⁤surprise some ⁣fans?

Harry Potter.” ‍The ⁤announcement immediately sparked excitement among fans,⁤ who have been eagerly awaiting new content from the magical world of Harry Potter.

The decision to release the TV ⁢series in 2026 may come as a surprise to some​ fans,⁢ as it has⁢ been over a decade since the release of the last film in the franchise. However, Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav emphasized the ‌company’s long-standing excitement​ for the Harry Potter franchise and their intention to ⁣deliver new and captivating stories to the fans.

Zaslav also revealed‌ that⁢ he recently met with J.K. Rowling and her team ​to discuss the upcoming project. ‌The​ meeting, which took place in London, was described as positive and productive. Both Warner Bros. ‌Discovery and Rowling’s team are thrilled ‌about the opportunity to reignite the franchise and create new stories that⁢ will captivate audiences worldwide.

The release of the Harry Potter TV series on Warner⁣ Bros. Discovery’s streaming platform, Max, further ⁤affirms the company’s commitment to delivering quality content to their ​subscribers.‌ Max has become a popular streaming platform, known for its diverse range of shows and ‍movies. The inclusion ​of the highly-anticipated Harry Potter TV series will undoubtedly attract even more viewers to the platform.

As ‍fans eagerly ‌await⁢ the release of ⁢the Harry Potter ⁤TV series, they can rest‍ assured​ that Warner Bros. Discovery and J.K. Rowling are fully committed to delivering a decade of new and exciting stories. The beloved characters and enchanting world of Harry Potter will once again‌ come to ⁣life, allowing fans to immerse themselves in a world ⁢of⁢ magic, friendship, and adventure.

In‌ conclusion, Warner Bros. Discovery’s announcement of the release date for ‍the Harry Potter TV series has ‍generated immense excitement among fans. Set to debut in 2026, the⁢ series will bring new stories and​ adventures from the⁢ magical world of Harry Potter. The positive meeting between Warner Bros. ⁤Discovery and J.K. Rowling’s team ​further highlights the commitment to delivering a captivating and enchanting experience for fans. As the release date⁢ approaches, fans can‍ look forward to delving back into the beloved world of Harry⁣ Potter on⁤ Max, Warner⁢ Bros. Discovery’s popular‌ streaming platform.

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