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UFC Fighter’s Bible Cage Entrance Wows Sin City, Rebukes Satan

The Outspoken Fighter Bryce ⁢Mitchell Steals the Show at UFC Vegas 79

The always​ outspoken fighter Bryce Mitchell was reported as “stealing the show” after winning his match at⁢ UFC Vegas 79 on Saturday when he entered the Octagon hoisting a ​Bible, took ‌a knee ‍to pray ‌for the victims of the Maui fires,‌ and made a controversial ⁢accusation.

The unapologetic ​ Christian⁣ fighter ⁢began the night ⁣by raising his Bible over his head in the ‌octagon ​and yelling, “Freedom,” according to BroBible.

But it is what he did after he won the fight ‍that had the media talking.

Mitchell won the fight⁤ by decision on Saturday, but after the referee announced the win, Mitchell raised his Bible once again at center ring ⁣and‌ put his arm around ⁢opponent Dan Ige’s shoulder.

Ige is a native ‌Hawaiian, and Mitchell‌ had something ​he wanted to ‌say.

“I brought this Bible ⁣in here tonight because I​ do believe Satan ‍is taking over this earth,” Mitchell claimed. “Something specifically I’m talking about is these fires ⁤in Hawaii. I will​ be​ donating $5,000 to ​Dan Ige tonight to⁢ give to people in Hawaii.”

“We have to show Satan ‍that he can do nothing through the⁣ power of Christ when we come ⁤together,” he⁣ added.

But he also had⁤ something more ⁣controversial to say. He went on to insist that the fires ⁤that destroyed the Maui‍ town of⁤ Lahaina were‌ not natural, but were instead “man-made.”

“These fires in Hawaii, ⁢I don’t believe they were natural. I believe they were man-made they are trying to take‌ the land from the natives,” he exclaimed.

As the interview in⁣ center ring wound⁣ down,⁣ Mitchell asked Ige if he would consider praying with​ him for the victims of the Lahaina fire. Ige seemed somewhat reluctant at first.

But seconds later, the two fighters took to their knees for a short prayer.

In its report on the incident, MMA‌ Weekly said that Mitchell “stole the show” with his prayer.

Do you agree with his‌ theory?

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But not ⁣every media outlet found Mitchell’s ‌actions to‍ be praiseworthy., for instance, accused Mitchell⁤ of “virtue signaling” in its headline ⁣on the ​story. also noted that many on ‌social media blasted‍ Mitchell for his post-match actions. One, for⁣ instance, ⁣insisted that Mitchell’s ‍antics in ⁤the ⁤ring are “getting worse.” Another blasted Mitchell as “a thoroughly‌ unlikable and stupid human being.”

Mitchell has‌ engaged in controversial statements before,⁤ so‌ the incident is not a new phenomenon for him. But he has a ⁤winning UFC record featuring seven wins and​ only ⁣one loss to date.

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While Mitchell’s ​actions and statements have sparked controversy and debate among both fans and critics, there is no denying that he has captured the attention of ⁢the public.

His unique⁣ blend of ⁤athleticism, outspokenness, and unwavering faith have made him​ a captivating figure in⁤ the​ world of mixed martial arts. Whether people agree with his views or ‌not, Mitchell’s​ willingness to express himself and stand up ‌for what he believes in has earned him respect from many.

As for his performance in the‍ Octagon, Mitchell’s win at⁢ UFC Vegas 79 further solidifies his position as a rising⁤ star‌ in the​ sport. His impressive skills and⁢ determination ⁣have undoubtedly caught the eye of both his opponents and ​the UFC leadership.

Looking ahead, it will ‌be interesting to ⁣see how Mitchell’s career unfolds. Will ⁢his outspoken nature continue to draw attention and controversy? Or will it be his undeniable talent and‌ skill that ultimately define his ⁢legacy in‍ the ⁢sport?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for ⁢certain: Bryce‌ Mitchell is a ‌fighter who refuses to be ignored.

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