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Vivek Ramaswamy supports Trump, offers defense strategy post Georgia court’s recent action.

Former President⁤ Trump ​Receives⁣ Unconventional ​Advice from Presidential Opponent

Who would think that​ out of all the congressmen, senators, and‌ other leaders ​in the Republican party,⁤ the person giving former President Trump some out-of-the-box yet plausible advice is his⁤ opponent in the race for ‍president, ⁣Vivek Ramaswamy?

On Monday,​ Fulton County District Attorney⁣ Fani Willis,⁣ formerly charged former President Trump, accusing him⁢ of efforts to invalidate the outcome of the 2020 ‌election, according to Reuters.

The extensive 98-page ⁢indictment outlined charges against 19⁤ defendants encompassing a ⁤total of 41 criminal counts.

But even ⁤before⁢ the ​grand jury had finished⁣ convening, a document surfaced on the court website,‌ resembling a docket entry ⁣and outlining charges against Donald John Trump.

This⁤ document⁤ pertained to a case‍ titled “The State of Georgia⁢ v. Donald‍ John Trump” and indicated that the case ‌was ‌marked⁣ as “open.”

However, when Reuters reached out for comment, they‍ were told that Trump had not been charged.

In response, ‍Vivek Ramaswamy, one of⁢ Trump’s opponents ⁢in the race for​ president, wrote a scathing post on X, formerly known as​ Twitter, in which he‍ made some interesting strategy suggestions.

“Here we go again:‍ another disastrous Trump indictment. It’s ⁤downright pathetic that Fulton County publicly posted the indictment​ on its website even before⁣ the grand ‍jury had finished convening,” Ramaswamy wrote.

“Since the⁢ four prosecutions against Trump ‌are using novel ⁤&​ untested legal theories,‍ it’s fair game for him to do the same in defense: ⁢immediately file a motion to dismiss for a constitutional due process violation for publicly issuing‍ an indictment⁢ before the grand ‍jury had actually signed one,” he continued.

“He should make a strong argument on these ⁢grounds & it would send a​ powerful⁣ message ⁤to the ever-expansive prosecutorial police state.

“As someone ‍who’s running for President ‌against Trump, I’d volunteer to write the⁢ amicus ‌brief to the court myself: prosecutors should not be​ deciding U.S. presidential elections, and if they’re so overzealous that they commit constitutional violations, then​ the cases should be thrown out &‍ they should be held accountable,” Ramaswamy⁤ concluded.

The actions Ramaswamy proposed as a legal strategy to challenge the indictment against former President Donald Trump on the grounds of a constitutional due process violation have merit.

The U.S. Constitution⁣ guarantees individuals certain​ rights, including the right to due process‌ of law. That means that any legal proceedings, including⁤ indictments, must follow established procedures⁤ to ensure fairness and justice.

Should ​Trump use Ramaswamy’s idea?

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Challenging an indictment based on a due process violation is a legitimate legal⁤ argument,‌ especially if there are concerns about procedural irregularities, such as publicly posting an ⁣indictment before the grand⁣ jury has completed its process.

If​ the prosecutors are‌ indeed found to have acted inappropriately by⁢ prematurely posting ⁣the indictment, they should not ⁤be allowed to try the case, because, as Ramaswamy said, it ⁢demonstrates ⁣that they were too eager⁣ and therefore not unbiased.

Ramaswamy offering to write the⁤ amicus brief on behalf of Trump‌ is a ‌magnanimous move that serves to elevate him in the eyes of the American people.

An amicus brief, also known as a “friend ⁤of the court” ‌brief, is ​a legal document⁣ submitted to a court by a person or ‍entity that⁤ is not a party⁣ to a case but has a strong interest ⁤in its outcome.‌ The⁤ purpose of an amicus‍ brief is to provide the court with additional information, perspectives, or arguments that ‌may be⁤ relevant to the case and that the ‍involved parties might not fully address.

Instead ⁢of just‍ lip-service, the Yale law ⁣graduate is⁣ putting his presidential aspirations​ where ⁤his mouth is and offering to help a fellow candidate.

Good for Ramaswamy.

He didn’t need to suggest it, ‌much less offer ⁣to write⁣ the brief. And it is not the first ‌time he ⁣has⁤ stood ‍up ​for his rival.

Common ‍decency has become so rare in our world‍ that it is hard to look at it without skepticism.

Regardless of the outcome ‌of ‌the race, ⁢the man continues‍ to‌ impress, and barring ⁢any bombshells, it looks⁣ like he has⁣ a bright future ‍ahead of him.

It remains to be seen if‌ Trump will take ⁤him up on his offer or if‍ his lawyers have ⁤other ⁣plans.

Either way, ​the premature ⁤release‍ of the indictment document⁤ demonstrates that the Georgia indictment is politically motivated, with the⁢ charges already drawn up‌ even before the grand jury had decided what they were.

As if anyone ⁣had any doubt.

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