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Virginia police recapture two inmates in IHOP after escaping jail

Police in Newport News, Virginia, have apprehended two inmates who made their escape from jail by digging a hole through a wall. John Garza, 37, and Arley Nemo, 43, were caught at an IHOP restaurant in Hampton, Virginia, early Tuesday morning after being discovered missing from the Newport News Jail Annex during a headcount at 7:15 p.m. Monday. The two inmates exploited a construction design weakness in the prison, using tools made from a toothbrush and metal object to access untied rebar, which they then used to penetrate the wall and escape. They then reportedly jumped the jail’s containment wall and fled the complex.

The hole made in the wall through which the inmates made their escape from the Newport News Jail Annex.

The Newport News Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an internal investigation to prevent such an event from happening again. Additionally, charges related to the prison escape are pending. Garza was originally imprisoned for contempt of court, probation violations, and failure to appear, while Nemo was imprisoned for charges such as credit card fraud and burglary.

Newport News Sheriff Gabe Morgan thanked the police departments of Newport News, Hampton, and James City County, for their assistance in recapturing the inmates. He also expressed thanks to citizens who reported sightings of Garza and Nemo. Police remind the public that “see something, say something” helps keep communities safe.

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