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Viral video: Self-driving shuttle EV crashes shortly after launch.

A Self-Driving Electric ⁣Shuttle ‌Gets⁢ into an​ Accident Shortly After Launch

The SWAN (Shuttling with Autonomous Navigation) vehicle, a self-driving electric shuttle, was involved in a collision with a municipal bus just two days after its launch in‍ Orlando, Florida, according to the New York Post.

The city introduced the SWAN service on August 20, and the accident occurred on Tuesday.

In a surprising ⁣turn of ‌events, a passenger in ⁣the self-driving shuttle recorded the incident and shared it⁣ on ⁢TikTok.

@samorlando220 Tried out the new SWAN Shuttle auntonmous shuttle ⁣in Downtown​ Orlando today.‍ We crashed. #Beep ♬ original sound ⁤– Sam Gallaher

The cause of the collision is still unclear, and fortunately, no passengers were injured in the low-speed crash, according to the Post.

The SWAN shuttle is‌ an automated electric bus designed to transport passengers within a small area of‌ downtown Orlando, as reported by Manufacturing Business Technology.

Following the accident, ‍Orlando journalist McKenna Schueler raised⁢ concerns about the ‌$500,000 SWAN program, sarcastically commenting, ​”Seems like ⁢this $500,000 pilot program is going well,” ⁣quoting the Orlando Sentinel.

Americans have⁤ mixed feelings about sharing the road with automated vehicles. According ⁤to a Pew Research poll, 44 percent of ‌the public believe the ⁣gradual introduction of self-driving cars is detrimental to society, and 63 percent would not feel​ comfortable riding in such a vehicle.

The SWAN bus in Orlando is designed to have ⁤an attendant on board at all times, who can potentially take control of the vehicle if needed, as reported ​by the Orlando Sentinel.

Despite the⁢ accident, the city‌ has no plans to make changes to the SWAN pilot program, according ⁢to the ⁢Sentinel.

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