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Vikings QB Kirk Cousins urges teammates and fans to prioritize eternal perspective and embrace God’s love.

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Kirk Cousins Talks Faith⁢ and​ Football

In a recent interview with Sports Spectrum‌ host Jason Romano, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins opened up about his Christian faith and ‍how it impacts both‍ his personal and professional life.

At 34 years old, Cousins ⁣is not only a‌ husband and father ⁤of two boys, but he is also the starting quarterback for the Vikings. He has been with the team for ⁢the past‍ six seasons.

When asked about his career as a​ vikings-qb-kirk-cousins-tells-teammates-and-fans-focus-on-eternal-perspective-gods-love-for-you/” title=”Vikings QB Kirk Cousins urges teammates and fans to prioritize eternal perspective and embrace God’s love.”>professional quarterback, ⁣Cousins expressed his belief that God orchestrated events in his life to⁤ bring him to this position. He​ sees his career as a way to stay close to God and learn more about Him.

Reflecting on the 2022 season, Cousins highlighted the team’s success on the field, winning 13 ⁣games ​and staying healthy. However, he also emphasized ​the importance of off-field moments, ​such as ⁣sharing his faith with teammates and participating ​in team Bible studies and prayer times.

During the interview, Romano mentioned Cousins’ involvement in ‍the Netflix docuseries “Quarterback” ⁤and how Cousins rarely curses despite his ⁤intensity on ‍the field. Cousins admitted ⁤that curse words may slip out occasionally but emphasized that he⁢ doesn’t believe in ⁤compartmentalizing his life.

When asked about praying before games, Cousins explained that his relationship with God is not limited to specific moments.⁣ He prays throughout the game, recognizing that his connection with God is constant and not confined⁣ to a few hours on the field.

Cousins believes that bringing intensity and fire ⁣to the game is a great witness to his faith. He ⁣sees it ⁤as an opportunity to honor his teammates, coaches,⁣ and opponents by giving his all in the ⁤competitive arena. He cited ​Colossians 3:23, which ⁢encourages ⁤believers‍ to work heartily ​for the Lord in everything they do.

Participating in the Netflix series is another way for⁢ Cousins to shine his light and glorify God. He aims to use ⁤the platform to share⁢ his faith and inspire others.

When asked about his favorite ​”God moment” from ⁣the last season, Cousins pointed to the⁢ Vikings’ remarkable​ comeback victory ‍over the ⁤Indianapolis Colts. The team recovered from a 33–0 deficit and ended up winning with a score of 39–36.

Cousins shared that in preparation‍ for games, ‍he⁤ listens‍ to worship music to help him focus on ‍an eternal perspective ‌and‍ God’s‍ love. Some of the artists on his playlist include Sonicflood, ⁣Hillsong, Bethel, Maverick City,⁣ Cory Asbury, Matt Maher, and Phil Wickham.

Overall, Cousins encourages his teammates and fans to focus on an eternal perspective and God’s love. He believes that by giving their all and being invested in their⁣ pursuits, ‌they can be a powerful witness to their faith.

Source: Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Tells Teammates and Fans: ‘Focus ​on‌ Eternal Perspective, God’s Love for You’

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