Vikings acquire RB Cam Akers from Rams after struggling with run game.

EAGAN, Minn.—Minnesota Vikings Acquire Running⁤ Back Cam Akers in Trade‌ with Los Angeles Rams

The Minnesota Vikings have made a move to address their run⁣ game ‌by ‌acquiring running back Cam‍ Akers in a trade⁣ with ⁢the Los Angeles Rams. Akers, ‌a fourth-year player, fell out of favor with the Rams⁤ coaching‍ staff and​ was behind Kyren Williams on the depth chart.

In the ‍trade, ​the Vikings sent a 2026 conditional sixth-round⁤ draft ‌pick to the Rams for Akers ⁢and received a‌ 2026 conditional seventh-round pick. ⁣The deal was pending Akers passing a⁣ physical.

Akers, who was ⁤drafted 52nd overall in 2020 out of Florida State, suffered an⁤ Achilles tendon injury during the 2021 preseason.‍ However, he recovered quickly and was able to contribute in the playoffs, helping⁢ the ‌Rams win ​the Super ⁢Bowl. ⁣It’s worth noting ⁢that Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell, offensive coordinator Wes Phillips, and quarterbacks coach Chris O’Hara ‍were all previously Rams ‌assistants during ‌Akers’ first two years in ⁢the league.

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Last season, Akers had a‌ slow ⁤start and ⁣faced conflicts⁤ with ⁤the​ coaches. He was temporarily sent away ⁤from the team during ​the midseason‌ while the Rams attempted to ‍trade him.‍ However, he returned⁢ and finished the season ⁤strong, recording ‍three consecutive 100-yard​ games. ⁢Akers was expected​ to be ​the featured ball⁢ carrier for coach Sean⁤ McVay’s pass-centric offense after⁣ the retirement of Sony Michel.

However, the Rams ultimately placed second-year player Kyren Williams ahead ⁣of Akers in⁣ the pecking order, leading to renewed trade discussions. The Vikings, with their ​coaches’ familiarity with Akers and their‌ struggling run game, emerged as a natural fit.

The trade ⁢compensation for ⁢Akers reflects the current​ market value⁣ of running backs in​ the NFL, which is relatively low. The Rams were​ able to save some salary off their cap by finding a trade partner.

With the release of Dalvin‍ Cook during the summer, ⁤the Vikings⁣ turned to Alexander Mattison as their primary running back, with Ty ⁢Chandler and​ Myles ⁢Gaskin‌ as backups. Akers ⁢will now have the opportunity to compete for a role in⁢ the Vikings’ backfield.

The Vikings coaching staff, led by Kevin O’Connell, has emphasized the need for a ‍more efficient rushing attack. Despite their reliance on‍ Kirk Cousins’ passing game, the⁢ coaches have revisited their strategy around the running game to improve their overall offensive performance.

By⁣ Dave Campbell

‌ How does Cam Akers’ addition to the Vikings’ roster provide depth and a new dimension to their offense

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  • The addition of Akers to the Vikings’ roster provides much-needed depth at the running back position. With Dalvin Cook serving as the team’s primary back, Akers will likely assume a backup role⁢ and contribute in situational packages. His versatility as both a runner and receiver out​ of‍ the ⁣backfield will add another dimension to the Vikings’ offense.

    Despite his ​recent injury, Akers has shown the potential to be a dynamic playmaker ⁤in the NFL. In his rookie season with the Rams, he rushed for 625 yards and two touchdowns while also catching 11 passes for 123 yards and one touchdown. His explosiveness and ability to make⁢ defenders miss were evident, and he quickly ⁣became a fan favorite in Los Angeles.

    While it remains⁤ to be seen how Akers will fit into the Vikings’ offensive scheme, his familiarity with coaches O’Connell, Phillips, and​ O’Hara should ease the⁣ transition. They are⁣ likely to utilize his skill set effectively and ‍put him in positions to succeed. Akers’ work ethic and determination to ​bounce back from his injury bode well for​ his future success with the Vikings.

    On the other hand, the Rams’​ decision to part ways with Akers may raise ⁢questions among fans and analysts. ‌Despite his injury, he had shown⁢ promise for future growth as a player. However, the Rams’‍ depth at the running back position, with the emergence of⁤ Kyren Williams, likely played a role in their decision to trade Akers. It also provides them with an additional draft pick in 2026,⁤ which could be valuable in addressing other areas of need.

    The trade between the Vikings and Rams serves as a reminder of the‌ ever-evolving nature of the NFL. Players can quickly go‍ from being key contributors to being traded or released. For Akers, this trade represents a fresh start and an opportunity‌ to ​prove his worth with a new team. Vikings fans are hopeful that his addition will strengthen their team’s run⁣ game and contribute to their success in the upcoming season.

    As the NFL offseason continues,‍ fans and analysts will closely monitor player​ movements and roster changes. With each trade and signing, ​teams seek to improve their chances of ​playoff contention and ultimately winning the Super Bowl. The acquisition of Cam Akers by the Minnesota Vikings is just one example of the ongoing roster‍ adjustments that ⁣take place in the pursuit of‍ success in the NFL.

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