VIETNAM TIMES THREE: Biden’s COVID Death Toll Reaches Grim Milestone

Since President Joe Biden took office in January, three times as many Americans have died from COVID-19 than during the entire Vietnam War from 1964 to 1975.

Approximately 58,000 American soldiers died during the Vietnam War, primarily as a result of the failed leadership of President Lyndon B. Johnson. More than 174,000 Americans have perished from the virus, which originated in Communist China. That works out to an average rate of about 1,500 deaths per day since Biden was sworn in, the equivalent of a September 11 terrorist attack every other day.

The grim milestone is the latest black mark on Biden’s record as he struggles to avoid comparisons to failed president Jimmy Carter. The Middle East is in flames, gas is in short supply, inflation is on the rise, and the economy is stagnant thanks to Democratic policies that incentivize unemployment. Perhaps the only positive development is the Democratic Party’s embrace of Rep. Liz Cheney (R., Wyo.), a sign that U.S. military imperialism is making a comeback.

Mainstream media outlets, which obsessively tracked every COVID-19 death under former president Donald J. Trump, are somewhat less interested in Biden’s death toll, even though nearly one-third of the total American deaths from COVID-19 have occurred on Biden’s watch.

The Washington Free Beacon might be the only media organization in the world that isn’t afraid to hold the Biden administration accountable for the American blood on its hands.


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