VIDEO: Cracker Barrel Must Pay $4.3 Million to Man Served Sanitizer Instead of Water


Cracker Barrel was ordered to pay $4.3 million to an individual served sanitizer instead of a glass of water at the restaurant located in Tennessee in 2014.

“He has a lifetime of healthcare needs facing him in the future,” attorney Thomas Greer told WTVG recently.

William Cronnon expected a cup of water after going to Cracker Barrel several years ago. He has since endured a lengthy court battle.

“Instead of taking personal responsibility and personal accountability for their conduct, they abused the court system by denying that they did anything wrong,” Greer asserted.

“He has a lifetime of healthcare needs facing him in the future,” attorney Thomas Greer said.

Posted by WCJB TV20 News on Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The lawsuit awarded the man $4.3 million to assist with damage that still affects his throat and lungs.

“It was a relief to him because he knew he was believed,” Greer noted.

However, Cronnon will apparently not receive funds close to the amount.

“This is an unfair law that only affects people who are seriously injured, and he will not even receive what he is entitled to,” Greer explained.

State lawmakers set up a cap regarding economic damages in lawsuits in 2011, and it limits Cronnon to $75,000, although he suffers extensive physical issues.

“He worked for three years after this. He’s a hard worker. He tried to maintain his job, but he had to retire early,” according to Greer.

The man was reportedly served Eco San instead of water, a liquid the restaurant used to clean its kitchen area, WKRN reported Wednesday.

In a statement, the restaurant said they “strongly disagree with the jury’s decision in this case which involved an unfortunate and isolated incident that occurred at one of their stores eight years ago,” according to the outlet.

Now, Cronnon’s attorney is expecting a legal battle with the restaurant.

“They will likely appeal this verdict and continue to do everything in their power to avoid paying this man a penny, and I’m prepared to continue fighting,” Greer stated.

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