VIDEO– Citizen Reunites Woman with Lost $5K Wedding Ring: 'Super Amazing Person'


A citizen wanted to do what was right and help a Midlothian, Virginia, woman get her lost wedding ring back.

Jamie Fodrey received a very special $5,000 ring from her husband on their recent 10th anniversary, NBC 12 reported Thursday.

But to her disappointment, she lost the band in the days afterward.

She immediately contacted a tanning salon she had visited but came up with nothing, so she asked for assistance in a social media group.

To everyone’s surprise, a woman had located the ring inside the salon and shared about it in another Facebook group.

Smart commenters pieced the puzzle together and the two individuals eventually connected Wednesday.

Video footage showed the moment the two ladies shared a hug outside a home, then chatted about the situation.

RING RETURNED: Jamie Fodrey got a $5,000 ring from her husband for their 10th anniversary, but she lost it a few days later.

Posted by NBC12 on Thursday, January 27, 2022

“I wasn’t expecting somebody to walk out with it and with the intention to get it back to the owner. I thought the worst,” Fodrey told NBC 12.

“She is a super amazing person. It was a lot more to it than simply doing the right thing to get the ring back to the owner. She had a lot of blessings beyond that to offer,” she added.

Megan Hubbard, the woman who spotted the ring, put it in a different box before placing it back in Fodrey’s hands.

She also put some stone crystals inside and even a What Would Jesus Do bracelet.

On what appeared to be her Facebook page, Hubbard relayed the story and noted she did not want attention for her actions.

“I don’t want to be applauded for literally just doing the right thing. Her tears of joy getting her ring back is worth wayyyy more than that ring to me,” she wrote, and encouraged others to be honest:

So yesterday i found a ring at Palm Beach Tanning. It was an amazing ring! Huge! Real! Now being a human and of the…

Posted by Megan Hubbard on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Fodrey presented Hubbard with a thank you note and also a $100 bill as a way to recognize her honesty.

Social media users expressed their joy regarding the story, one person writing, “Wow!! There are still good people in this world!!”

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