VA Lt. Gov.-Elect Winsome Sears: Progressives Have Pitted Us Against Each Other so They Can Swoop in as 'Our Political Savior'

Fresh off her victory in Virginia’s lieutenant governor’s race, Republican Winsome Sears accused the progressive wing of the Democratic Party of pitting Americans against each other to play the role of “political savior.”

Instead of sowing discord, Sears on Wednesday called for members of all parties to learn to live in peace.

“Actually, what happens in Washington concerns us very greatly in Virginia because, as you know, NATO is headquartered in Virginia, as well as we have the largest naval base in the world. And the Pentagon in Virginia. And by the way, Glenn Youngkin as the commander-in-chief — as governor would be also commander-in-chief of the Virginia Air National Guard … and I would be his second. So, we’re concerned,” Sears said on FNC’s “Fox & Friends.”

“But, I think what has happened with the progressives is that they have pitted all of us against each other so that they can swoop in and be our political savior,” she added. “And we are saying that, you know, we have to be one Virginia. I have won my race as lieutenant governor, and I’m not going to be representing Republicans solely, no. I’m representing Republicans, libertarians, Green Party, Reform Party, Democrats, everybody. We have got to learn to live together to get along so that we can have peace.”

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