US View on China Hits Record Low, New Poll Finds

According to new research, a record-low number of Americans see China positively. poll Gallup.

A random sampling of 1,008 Americans aged 18 and older was asked about their opinions on China. The poll took place between February 1st and 23. A poll revealed that only 15% of respondents were averse to China. “very” Oder “mostly favorable” View of China: The lowest Gallup polling result in its history.

China’s favorable rating of 15 percent is five points lower than when it was asked the exact same question in February 2013.

However, more than half of American respondents had negative views about China. “very unfavorably” It is viewed by 39 percent of those who see it “mostly unfavorably.”

Since 2018, U.S. attitudes towards China have fallen and China approval has declined 38 points in the last five years.

This poll revealed that the U.S. has a negative opinion of China, and this is true across all parties. A mere 6 percent percent of Republicans and 17 percent of Democrats agreed with the poll’s findings. Only 18 percent of those who were independent agreed that China was a good country.

Since 1979, Gallup polls Americans about their opinions on China every year. Gallup’s annual February poll has been conducted every year since 2001. The polling was conducted in February 2001, at the exact same time that a Chinese high altitude balloon flew over the United States. It made headlines and was eventually shot down by U.S. fighter planes just off South Carolina.

Gallup’s February 1989 Gallup Poll showed the highest U.S. support for China. 72 percent Americans had an overall positive view of China. This favorability decreased to just 34% by August 1989 when Chinese soldiers and tanks killed hundreds of civilians in Tiananmen square on June 4, 1989. Before the dramatic decline of the past five decades, the U.S. favourability toward China ranged between 34 percent to 53 percent in 1989 and 2018.

China is seen as a threat to the economy and military.

The American consensus about China being the biggest military threat to America is likely contributing to the negative perception.

Gallup recently asked Americans which nation they consider the United States’ greatest enemy. The total response rate was 50 percent. 32 percent chose Russia as the greatest enemy. Seven percent selected North Korea and two percent named Iran.

The U.S. military has assessed China’s military as being on track to surpass the previous year. triple its arsenal 2035, the production of nuclear weapons. China continues to expand its capabilities. hypersonic missilesThe teleporter, defined as a vehicle that travels at five times the speed sound’s speed, could possibly deliver nuclear strikes and evade missile defense systems. A Chinese company with connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), attempted to buy land in this area. U.S. military basesThis raised concerns regarding U.S. surveillance efforts.

Seventy-six per cent of Republicans polled considered China the most hostile country in the United States. This compares to 46 percent and 30 percent for independents. A more significant percentage of Democrats—53 percent of those polled—said Russia is the greater enemy of the United States, compared to 32 percent of independents and 12 percent of Republicans.

Respondents were also concerned by China’s economic growth. Respondents viewed China’s growing economic power as a significant threat to the United States at 64%, an increase from last year’s 57%. 34% considered China’s economy to be an threat. “important but not critical threat,” This is a decrease of 34 percent from the previous year.

8 percent believed China was the economic powerhouse in 2022. “not an important threat.” Six percent of the respondents agreed with this view in 2012.

US Policy Toward China

Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has stated that he hopes to discover areas in which China and America can work together, like addressing climate change. Biden began his new administration in January. said, “We cannot and must not return to the reflexive opposition and rigid blocs of the Cold War.”

According to the Biden administration, the president confronted Xi Jinping about several Chinese human rights issues when they met in Indonesia last November. Biden has been confirmed by the administration. will continue to raise These issues will be discussed in the future with his Chinese counterpart.

Antony Blinken (U.S. Secretaryof State) was appointed February 1. condemned China It allowed its balloon at high altitude to fly over the United States.

Recent warnings from the U.S. against China’s sending of missiles have been issued by officials. weapons to Russia for its ongoing war against Ukraine.

Republicans took control of the House of Representatives on January 1st and demanded that new initiatives be made to examine China. This included the creation of the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States of China Communist Party (CCP)). The House formed the new committee With the support of all Republicans, 146 Democrats and 65 Democrats respectively.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.The new House committee was approved by a majority vote of, who also voted last month in support. told He supported the formation of the panel, but expressed reservations about it.

“I have lots of concerns about how [Republicans] demagogue the issue and promote conspiracy theories and xenophobia,” McGovern added.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) was among 65 Democrats who opposed the creation of the new commission. She became a member of the January committee. told CNN she voted “no” Because “It’s really clear that this is just a committee that would further embolden anti-Asian rhetoric and hate and put lives at risk.”

Biden’s approach to China has come under fire from Republicans, as was the handling of the Chinese high-altitude balloon. The balloon flew through the United States and it is now being investigated by the Senate. Numerous Republicans questioned Biden’s choice to wait until the balloon has passed the United States, before shooting it down.

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